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Wekiva Island Hosts "Paint Out"


There is a big week on the horizon for Wekiva Island.

From February 28th (Sunday) through March 6th, Wekiva Island plays host to the Wekiva Paint Out, where dozens of artists paint for a week in “plein air” – out in the open. Their inspiration? Beautiful Wekiva Island, the Wekiva River and the Wekiwa Springs State park of course. All proceeds benefit the Wekiva Wilderness Trust and Keep Seminole Beautiful.

All week long, there will be several events each day. There will be a sunset paint-in scheduled, an exciting art auction, a full moon paint-in, and food and fun all week long.

William "Big BIll" Tippit, a philanthropist and nature lover, started the first Wekiva Paint Out. He had an idea to produce this art event to increase awareness of one of the area’s greatest natural resources - the Wekiva River. He approached The Friends of Wekiva River (FOWR) for their support. FOWR had produced a one-day event to increase awareness of the River and Park - The Wekiva Riverfest, in 2006. Tippit felt becoming part of the Riverfest event would give the Paint Out a strong foundation. They hosted the very first Wekiva Paint Out in March, 2007 as part of that years Riverfest celebration. He handed the event over to the FOWR the following year in 2008.

wekiva-paintout-15-4roy-wht-royIn 2009, William C. Weinaug Jr. agreed to sponsor and host the Paint Out at the Wekiva Island that year. He had recently purchased the old Wekiwa Marina to take a stand against the declining health of the river. He renamed the property Wekiva Island (wekivaisland.com). Like Tippit, Weinaug continues to believe this one event is the best chance to increase awareness of the Wekiva River and illustrate what can be done to save its health. This is the 7th year Wekiva Island will host the event.



2016 Wekiva Paint Out Schedule

Sunday – February 28th

Artists arriving, getting settled at Wekiwa Springs State Park

Steven Bach is the featured artist this year Steven Bach is the featured artist this year

Monday – February 29th

All Day: Artists painting

5:00pm – 9:00pm Gallery open with live music

Tuesday – March 1st

All Day: Artists painting

5:00 – 9:00pm Gallery open with live music

Wednesday – March 2nd

All Day: Artists painting
Gallery open Noon to 10pm with live music

If you are a collector or interested buyer do not miss this opportunity to get a fantastic piece of art and support our non-profits.

6:00pm – 7:00pm Preview

Receive complimentary beer and wine and enjoy the Craft Beer tasting

7:00pm – 8:00pm LIVE Art Auction

Thursday – March 3rd

All Day: Artists painting

Noon - 10pm 
Painting in/by the bar/

Friday – March 4th

All Day: Artists painting

Noon – 11:00pm Gallery open with live music
 Nocturne Painting at the Bar
Food Truck Dining at Wekiva Island

Saturday – March 5th

Gallery Open between 10 am – 4 pm

Quick Draw is from Noon – 2pm but come get checked in and set up early.

6:00pm – 7:00pm Private patron reception

7:00pm – 11:00pm GALA at Wekiva Island with music, beer/wine, wine tasting and food (all inclusive).

Sunday – March 6th

Last Chance, Stop by early!
 Artists departing and taking down the unsold art


Paint Out, Wekiva Island


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