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Volunteers Needed to Plant Trees on Lake Apopka's North Shore


Fifty volunteers are needed on June 25th to help plant 1,000 bald cypress trees at the St. Johns River Water Management District’s Lake Apopka North Shore. Cherry Lake Tree Farm in Groveland is donating the trees to help raise awareness about the importance of the area’s natural systems.

Participants will work with district staff to install the cypress trees in one of four pre-selected areas within the Lake Apopka North Shore. Pre-registration is required for all volunteers. Use this link to register online.

The North Shore of Lake Apopka is a 20,000 acre conservation and restoration project of great regional significance. It is home to over 362 different species of birds and one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America.

The Bald Cypress tree is a keystone species for the regional ecosystem. These trees provide many important ecological functions and are essential to the health of our natural communities. Bald Cypress is one of the tallest and longest lived trees in the Southeast. They can grow 150 to 200 feet tall and live for thousands of years

By planting 1,000 trees in a protected conservation area we believe that some trees will be alive 1,000 years from now in the year 3016!

Volunteers will spend a few hours of their time. This will help restore the environment, plant a better future and make a lasting contribution for generations to come.

UPDATE: Registration is Full

Visitors to the registration site will see this message, "We have reached our maximum number of volunteers for the June 25th tree planting. Keep your eyes out for future tree planting events."



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