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Veterans can be your best employees


By: Chris Hart IV

In today’s highly competitive economy, making hiring decisions is serious business.

The success of our businesses and organizations depends on seeking out the best candidates possible.

What are we looking for beyond the typical experience requirements? We want someone who is motivated, has a reliable work ethic and is loyal to our team. In Florida, we are fortunate to have a talent pool of 1.6 million veterans, many of whom are seeking employment right now.

Veterans possess important “soft skills” in addition to a wealth of experience and training gained through military service that make them some of the strongest candidates for open positions. You have probably seen lists of reasons to hire a veteran before, but here are some positive attributes you may not have considered:

Great Communicators

Veterans are often adept communicators in high-stress circumstances, an attribute that often comes in handy in the workplace. The difficult decisions veterans may have faced daily while serving make them uniquely qualified to act responsibly under pressure.

Not ‘Yes’ Men and Women

A strong leader does not hire people who simply tell them what they want to hear. They hire people who can tell them when an approach or idea may need to be improved upon. As a business leader, I find that there are plenty of people who will tell the boss what he or she wants to hear. A great boss knows that the best ideas generally come from an open work environment that allows for collaboration at all levels. Having a team member who can think like a chess player, several moves ahead, and explain why an idea might have unintended consequences, can prove to be a vital part of your business operations.


Veterans have learned for a team to function appropriately, taking responsibility for one’s actions is of paramount importance. As a leader, I am always looking for individuals who are invested in what they do daily; they should take the team’s mission seriously, and it should inform every decision they make.

Aside from the myriad of reasons why veterans make great employees, your business also may be eligible for tax incentives for hiring veterans.

If you’re interested in hiring a veteran, please consider contacting your local workforce development board for recruiting and hiring services. In addition to year-round services, there are several CareerSource Florida boards that host Paychecks for Patriots events during November each year.

On behalf of the entire CareerSource Florida network, I offer sincere thanks to our military veterans for their service. You and your families make our businesses, our state and our nation stronger.

Chris Hart IV is the chief executive for CareerSource Florida Inc., the state’s public-private workforce policy and investment board.

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