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Updating Breaking News: MARKEITH LOYD ARRESTED


Loyd surrendered wearing body armor and with 2 handguns

Markeith Loyd, the man accused of killing an Orlando police officer, was captured and arrested by law enforcement officers tonight around 7PM at 1156 Lescot Lane in the Carver Shores neighborhood of West Orlando, according to Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

"Markeith Loyd was not captured because of a tip, but by good old-fashioned police work," said Mina. "It was great police work and I congratulate all the officers involved."

Officers from OPD, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the US Marshals were on the scene during Loyd's capture.

According to Mina, Loyd attempted to escape through the back door of the residence when police called for him to surrender, but was confronted by OPD officers, and went back inside the house. He later came out the front door wearing body armor and threw down two handguns, one with a 100-round drum. Mina also said that Loyd physically resisted arrest and suffered minor facial injuries during the arrest.

Loyd will be charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the death of Sade Dixon and her unborn child. He was also charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of attempted homicide. No charges have been filed in the shootiing death of OPD Lieutenant Debra Clayton as of yet.

Chief Mina said officers used Clayton's handcuffs to secure Loyd. "It is a long-standing tradition in law enforcement that we use a fallen officer's handcuffs to apprehend the suspect."

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings described the emotions felt by all of Central Florida.

"I do congratulate all of the law enforcement officers involved in bringing this individual into custody," said Demings. "This community has been emotionally traumatized for the last eight days. Now it can breathe a collective sigh of relief."

The peaceful outcome surprised many, including Mina.

"I thought this would end up in a different situation. I'm very happy it ended up concluding peacefully. But these agencies involved were very professional and very well-trained and I knew they would act with restraint."

It was also learned that those people who helped Loyd evade arrest will be arrested.

"This investigation is not going to stop. If people aided him, they will be arrested."

Crimeline received over 1,500 tips from the community, and the reward was raised to $125,000 before Loyd's capture. The US Marshals added $25,000 to the amount and put Loyd on the 15 most wanted list.

Mayors Buddy Dyer of Orlando and Teresa Jacobs of Orange County commented on the capture on their social media accounts.

"Thank you Orlando Police and partners for capturing this fugitive," Dyer said. "Prayers continue for families of fallen officers."

"Manhunt has ended! Continued prayers for the families of Lt Debra Clayton and DFC Norm Lewis," Jacobs tweeted. "Great work by our heroes in law enforcement!"



Crimeline, Markeith Loyd, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Orlando Police Department


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