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Unique Market Options Available for Canadian Players on BNB Sports Sites


Today, punters can use different crypto to wager on the best sports markets and events at reliable online betting sites. BNB is one of the many cryptos bettors used for online gambling, as the platforms that accept them offer opportunities to make instant and seamless transactions. Also, withdrawal of winnings is fast, so punters can have various sporting events to bet on, and there are also juicy welcome promotions and bonuses. 

However, BNB sports betting sites are becoming popular among punters who love crypto gambling as well. In many regions where betting is allowed, these platforms are even more prominent than the regular and old betting platforms. With these benefits of  BNB sports betting sites, new punters will love to know more about these platforms; however, for additional details check out this sports betting guide.

What is BNB?

Binance coin is a crypto launched in 2017 by a popular exchange platform Binance. This coin has the ERC20 standard; the supply of BNB is up to 200 million tokens. BNB is one of the world's biggest crypto exchanges; there are about 1.4 million transactions every second on the platform. BNB can be used for investment, trading, processing payment, etc. 

Unique sporting markets and events BNB sports betting sites offer

Sports Betting enthusiasts will like the impressive choice of games the BNB betting sites have to offer. From our reviews, BNB sports betting sites have a variety of games with good odds on the platform. 

Punters know that an extensive collection of games increases their chance of winning. Below are the most popular markets available on BNB sports betting sites:

eSports market

The virtual sports industry is no longer a small market; people now appreciate it globally. Indeed, eSports has attracted millions of audiences all over the world. 

The game has become lucrative for top players; world-class gamers test their skills in a unique competition. There are many eSports games, but we will be looking at Call of Duty, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six. Additionally, there are a variety of markets to choose from when it comes to eSports, including: 

  • Outright winner
  • Game winner
  • First blood
  • Handicap
  • Team maps 

If you want to play eSports betting, it is essential to learn about the market. Therefore, we have discussed the five most popular eSports games on BNB sports betting sites. 

Rainbow Six

Since Ubisoft released the game in 2015, Rainbow six has become one of the most loved eSports games. The FPS (first-person shooter) has two incredible competing teams. Players have many options because of the number of available operators. In addition, experienced bettors know the strategy to select a good operator. 

Call Of Duty

Also known as Cod, call of duty is arguably the most popular combat game in the world. In sports, two teams play Cod and try to be victorious in several game modes.

Hardpoint: every team gains points for every second they take control of the vital hardpoint area. 

Domination: Each team aims to control objectives marked by flags and receive some points for completing the goal.

 Dota 2

Dota 2 permits gamers to choose from over 90 characters, and it is among the best multiplayer online combat games. In addition, this game is competitive, with two teams with five players.

The game aims to destroy a large structure around an enemy territory called Ancient. Dota 2 has a large fan base and is one of the most played esports games. 

League of Legends

Riot games released this game in 2009. This esports game is among the most played globally. This game aims at two teams trying to destroy themselves.

 In the process of playing this game, players must finish the challenges to boost their power. The League of Legends championship takes place annually, and the best team wins the summoner's cup.

Football (FIFA)

Since FIFA's launch in 2001, FIFA has become a significant game of esports. Because of the popularity of football, many players around the globe enjoy this game.  Although FIFA games are 1v1, there is always a global tournament among professionals. Because of the worldwide popularity of football, people always enjoy this game. 

Why BNB sports betting sites are the best

You must have heard about the hype surrounding BNB sports betting sites and wonder if it's worth your time. After all, many people are still not familiar with the crypto market despite its recent surge. 

From our study, many punters who tried BNB sports betting sites do not want to return to traditional areas. Once you hear their reasons, you will understand why they make a choice. Below are some of the reasons: 

There is a reduction in the  value of fiat currency 

Fiat currency is the official tender issued by the government of every country. Factors like money supply, interest rates, and economic demand and supply influence the value of this currency. Aside from the US dollar, there are other globally recognized fiat currencies like Euro, Yen, Pounds, etc. 


Punters see it as a pain to deposit money on sports betting sites. But, in reality, you can use a credit or debit card to make a deposit. Although some banks despise gamblers and make life very difficult for people to gamble, for instance, if a bank notices any deposits from a betting site, they may not grant you a loan.

But with BNB gambling sites, things are much different because banks won't know. Due to the decentralized nature of crypto, you can perform transactions without a third party. This process made it possible for you to control your funds thoroughly.

There will be rise in the value of BNB

Historically, there may be a rise and fall in BNB prices because it is unpredictable. However, we are certain crypto has the potential to appreciate in the long run. Therefore, if you gamble on BNB sports betting sites, your funds may increase in value even if you didn't win any bet.

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