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Top Most Savage Cuisines You Better Know Before Trying


By Gaby Alex

Hello foodie fam, do you know what kind of food cuisine you are consuming and how it affects your body? From pufferfish to rotten cheese there are cuisines that can make you sick and is listed as dangerous by the food community.

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Unlike the accidental creation of cornflakes, there are a variety of food dishes found throughout the world that were not a mistake, but a planned, albeit sometimes savage, food dish itself.

From Thailand to Japan, dangerous food cuisine is a vast list. While travelling to Thailand, one of the most delicious treats for your eyes would be the local stores. You can find everything from live octopus to live scorpions at the local stores in Thailand.

With these in mind, let's take a look at food items that are celebrated and titled as 'dangerous and savage' around the world.

A fish can be more dangerous than cyanide if it is FUGU!

The Japanese word for pufferfish, Fugu is a fish that is considered as dangerous, or more, than cyanide. The fish, and any dish that is made from the fish, contains toxins and poisons, which can cause many health-related issues to the body when consumed.

While categorizing the parts of the fish, ovaries, intestines, and liver of this particular fish contains toxins, especially tetrodotoxin that constitutes 1,200 times more dangerous than cyanide.

The lethal dose of tetrodotoxin has as much poison as only a pinpoint. One can say that the whole fish is comprised of tetrodotoxin that can kill 30 people. This is why the preparing and dressing of the fish must only be done by executive or professional chefs.

Fugu can directly hurt and harm the respiratory organs if the dish is not cleaned and made professionally. This is one of the reasons why Fugu should only be cleaned by those chefs who have years of training.

Self-opening 'death fruit', aka the Ackee fruit!

Originating from Jamaica, Ackee fruit is an incredibly delicious treat that is another dangerous one on the list. It is advised not to open up the unripe Ackee fruits as the fruit is known to hold poison that could kill whoever tries to open it.

One has to be patient and wait for Mother Nature to ripen so it opens on its own. Yes, the fruit has to be naturally opened up for you to enjoy the treat. It is safe to do this way, because if you try to open it, well, get ready to welcome your doom.

The locals mention that the outer covering of the fruit will open on its own, signaling that the fruit is ready to be picked.

When it is ready to be consumed, go for the creamy flesh and never the pink flesh, nor the black seed. Apart from the creamy texture, rest assured every other part of the fruit is poison and contains toxins. It is so highly dangerous that it's recommended to never even pick up the fruit before ripening; if you do, you may as well book a bed in the hospital.

Sucking its life out of you when eaten raw!

The third one to top the savage food list is none other than the Sannakji dish. For those who don't know, Sannakji is a dish made out of raw octopus. One has to eat this raw octopus when they are still wiggling in the dish or the plate.

This is not the weird part, though; the moment you consume it, you can expect to feel the octopus fighting inside you, as if it's wanting to go back to the ocean. In reality, it is the nerve activity that makes the octopus wiggle in the plate.

The dangerous part is if the tentacle's suction cup sucks onto your throat or your stomach when consumed. Some studies and cases show a good number of people dying each year because of being choked in their throat because of this food.


Native to Iceland, this dish is mainly shark meat that is hung to dry for three to four months. The shark meat is preserved and hung to equalize the specific elements that can be found in the shark's skin.

The main component, namely trimethylamine oxide, is highly observed in the flesh, which should be neutralized before consuming.

The shark used for this purposes is Greenland shark, and the peculiarity about this shark is that they don't have a urinary tract. Therefore, the waste and other unwanted toxins from the shark's body are filtered through the skin.

When they are hung to dry, this makes the shark less toxic and can be consumed. But, if it is not correctly preserved, just a few bites from the meat can cause massive issues, and can even lead to death. It certainly can cause intestinal distress, neurological effects, and many more other problems, all definitely making health at risk.


The fifth on the list is none other than the staple food of Africa and South America. Cassava is the root part of this plant that people like to consume. There are a variety of dishes that can be made from Cassava.

The fascinating fact about this root is that it contains elements that can cause many health issues if it is eaten raw. Other Cassava family members consist of yam and taro, but Cassava is the most problematic of them all.

One has to wash the Cassava properly before eating or cooking. The Cassava has been described as both sweet and bitter. One has to cook the plant to reduce the cyanide elements and to make it suitable for eating.


It is always great to travel to a new land and explore fresh food and places. While exploring, be sure to do your homework on what you can and cannot eat in a particular location. This information provided here will help get you started and keep you away from many health issues and even more severe risks.


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