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Top 10 Board Management Software: Find the Right One for You


Lately, a board portal trend seems to be capturing all the existing trends that are available. This is most likely due both to the economic crisis that we already have, and to the past pandemic. Employees are moving to work remotely, as are boards of directors, but they soon find that standard Zoom or Google Meet security just isn't enough. So what to do? The solution is to buy and consider an online board meeting portal. That's what we're going to talk about today.

How did this turn the whole market around?

Board management software is a safe digital communication tool designed to do away with paper in the boardroom and streamline board of director communication. By removing the need to create paper board books that may need to be updated frequently, board management tools also help the corporate secretary become more efficient. Edits to board books created in contemporary virtual board software can be updated and sent digitally to all directors in a matter of seconds.

Security is the main benefit of adopting board management software. Emailing and messaging are not secure. The portal uses the highest level of encryption to secure everything. To make it as secure as possible, additional security software is also deployed. To keep up with changing threats, security is continually upgraded. Only the participants who have a need to know may be granted viewing access to a document or chat. This may also be helpful when a director has a particular conflict of interest; in such cases, the board member may be prevented from reading certain materials while still being allowed to examine all others. Any archival obligations are made apparent, and all directors are free to impose whatever limits they see fit on the documents they desire to archive.

The advantages of this type of software

Your board of directors will benefit greatly from using board management software:

  • It increases board document security, streamlines board activities.
  • It facilitates communication. 
  • From the viewpoint of the board administrator, it saves money and makes the climate in the boardroom more cohesive and collaborative. 
  • It provides a paperless meeting solution.

A board member can use board portal technology to have the most information at their fingertips and be empowered to make the best decision. Additionally, the correct board management software can assist the board in minimizing any technology hazards. With the correct security, you can ensure that activities in the boardroom will remain secret, [even when voting on important issues, as there are companies providing vote services for in-person meetings, as well as online ones]. The right technology should be developed with security as its most critical aspect.

Specific examples of this type of application

You can look at these ten examples of the top board management software

1. OnBoard Board Management Software

With the help of OnBoard's intelligent platform, complex and time-consuming board meeting procedures are transformed so that boards may concentrate on what matters most: realizing the organization's mission. Utilize OnBoard free trial to try the product before making a purchase.

2. Azeus Convene

Convene is a recognized board portal software that enhances meeting effectiveness by planning and delivering board materials as well as conducting, recording, and creating actions. Convene is preferred by listed corporations, SMEs, banks, and governments because of its safe, clear, and user-friendly features. 

It is one of the few versatile products on the market that can be tailored to suit client's demands. All of customers' data will be protected by Convene, which can be hosted on-site or in the cloud and works with any device.

3. Nasdaq Boardvantage 

This board portal provides a seamless and uniform experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms with a modern, user-friendly layout. Additionally, data security is not jeopardized. Nasdaq Boardvantage delivers long-term value, the legitimacy of a global brand, and a network of corporate governance experts. It is founded on a strong security posture.

4. Boardable

Software for managing boards shouldn't be difficult to use or unavailable. For this reason, Boardable provides fair and flexible packaging options, tools that are simple to learn and use, 24/7 service and technical support, and fully integrated video conferencing.

5. BoardPro

BoardPro provides board management software for NGOs, small enterprises, and corporations. Utilizing the BoardPro site is simple. This tool successfully speeds up board meetings, boosts output, and automates manual tasks, freeing directors and trustees to concentrate on strategy and important choices.

6. Diligent Boards

All agendas, documents, annotations, and debates are collected by a virtual boardroom into one user-friendly, secure interface. The platform manages all of the moving pieces of the board, including committees, governance resources, voting, reporting, and more, in addition to digital board books. 

7. BoardPAC

Management of remote and virtual board meetings is made simple with BoardPAC. It offers a simple, intuitive platform for running board meetings and other important executive meetings on any widely used device. On all widely used platforms, it provides both on-premises and cloud storage solutions.

8. BoardDocs

Organizations may greatly enhance how they produce and manage board packets, access information, and run meetings with BoardDocs. BoardDocs is made to specifically address the requirements of school districts and community colleges. BoardDocs considerably lowers costs while boosting transparency.

9. Govenda

Govenda is a virtual boardroom that will speed up your boards' transition to stakeholder management and closer ties to your organization's core competencies, shareholders, and stakeholders in general. Governance is changing quickly. The Govenda Board Success Platform is the future of contemporary governance, not just a board site.

10. Boardlogic

A secure board collaboration platform called Boardlogic has been created with boards of directors of initial public offerings (IPOs), small and medium-sized businesses, and regulated private organizations in mind. Board members can manage and share private papers, schedule meetings, and carry out their governance duties remotely and securely with the help of Boardlogic.

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