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This Day in History: Tortilla Flat is Published


Not to be confused with the wildy popular restaurant, Tijuana Flats, Tortilla Flat was John Steinbeck’s first successful novel. It was was published on this day in 1935.

Tortilla Flat BookAccording to Maggie Van Ostrand, "Steinbeck's classic is the sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant story of a group of Mexican amigos living in Tortilla Flat on California's Monterey Peninsula. These friends are allergic to work, preferring to live in idyllic poverty. They are as lazy as they are impoverished, and use their wits to obtain food, shelter, women, and countless jugs of wine."

Most of the action is set in the time of Steinbeck's own late teenage and young adult years, shortly after World War I.

Tortilla Flat was made into a movie starring Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamarr in 1942.

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