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"Therapeutic Cannabis" now being used by Central Florida cancer patient


Surterra Therapeutics has completed delivery of its therapeutic cannabis products to its first Central Florida patient.

Surterra's first Central Florida patient is Amanda Gammisch of New Smyrna. Amanda is a 36-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer. Amanda has undergone two craniotomies to remove 90 percent of the tumor that could have killed her or severely affected her speaking ability. Amanda has struggled with appetite for several years and her only treatment option is a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, which would further decrease her appetite and severely compromise her immune system.

Statistically, patients with Amanda’s type of cancer are given five years or less to live, there is no cure and no known cause. Amanda addressed the crowd and said, “I want people to see the type of person who can benefit from therapeutic cannabis options. I am just a young women trying to live the best quality of life I can.” Amanda continued, “I eat right and exercise daily, and I am doing everything I can to fight this. Someone in their 30’s should have a lot of life left to live and I am hoping that people can see that Surterra’s therapeutic cannabis products could potentially help me, and other patients like me, live a longer, quality life.”

Susan Driscoll, President of Surterra, officially delivered the therapeutic cannabis product to the first registered patient in Florida. “Surterra is proud to be able to help Florida patients find relief,” said Susan. “Floridians like Amanda, and other patients throughout the state, deserve the chance to live a better quality of life and access to options to manage their symptoms.”

The patients’ Orlando-area recommending doctor, Dr. Joseph Rosado also spoke, “I am proud this day is finally here and I hope more patients can have access to options like this in the future,” said Dr. Rosado. “People need to understand that these are patients that have a lot life left to live and this is a natural, viable option for them with minimal side effects.”


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