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Election 2022

The Race for 39: Bankson vs. Hughes will be a contrast in priorities

The Florida House District 39 Republican primary is over. Doug Bankson will face Tiffany Hughes in the November 8th general election.
The district includes all of Apopka, parts of Winter Garden, the Wekiva Springs area, and southwestern Seminole County - including parts of Altamonte Springs and Longwood. It has no incumbent. It is considered a battleground district because it is evenly split between registered voters in the Republican and Democratic parties and based on past elections.
And in a state with few battlegrounds, District 39 will be watched closely by Tallahassee and all of Florida.
The Republican primary was expected to be close and hard-fought, but the level of negative campaigning Bankson absorbed by fellow Republicans was stunning. In mailers sent by Political Action Committees outside of the district, Bankson was called liberal, soft on crime, and wanting to de-fund the police to describe the mud slung his way. Despite the attacks, Bankson defeated challengers Charles Hart and Randy Ross with 7,140 votes (53.04%), compared to Hart with 4,058 (30.14%), and Ross with 2,264 (16.82%). 
Hughes, the only candidate from the Democratic Party to qualify, had a clear path to her nomination. Hughes is the former Orange County NAACP President, the owner of KBI Staffing Solutions, and a Longwood resident.
But now that District 39 is down to two candidates, what ground will this election be fought on? Will it be issue-based? Will negative mailers fill Apopka mailboxes? Will they debate? 
The Apopka Voice contacted both candidates to determine what issues Bankson and Hughes will focus on in these final two months of the election. And while there is common ground among their platforms, their approaches to those issues will no doubt be different.

Doug Bankson

Doug Bankson is running for the State House District 39
Doug Bankson is running for the State House District 39

My platform is focused on five key areas: constitutional integrity, government accountability, economic opportunity, educational stability, and life and liberty.


I believe in our constitution, and that within its framework are the tools of liberty. Our beloved declaration, constitution, and bill of rights have been under attack, and I will protect and defend them as inviolate.

Limited Government

I believe in limited government, low taxes, and that government is best that governs closest. From abuse of emergency powers to judicial activism, I will fight against overreach at all levels and make sure government stays accountable to the people.

Economic Opportunity

I believe in economic opportunity and will work hard to foster a climate that allows our economy to thrive. From supply chain and workforce issues to tangible property taxes that cripple manufacturing, we can work together with municipalities for common-sense solutions. I will advocate for our district's needs and address the property insurance crisis that affects us all.


I believe in a stable and viable education system, from our elementary levels to higher learning. I will fight to stop social indoctrination and gender confusion and restore the foundation of scholastic instruction. I will stand for parents' rights, school choice, adequate pay for educators, and alternate paths to success through vocational opportunities.

Life and Liberty

I believe in protecting life and liberty at all levels. I will support our law enforcement to keep us safe and defend our borders from intrusion. I will uphold equal rights and opportunities for all. Finally, I believe that life is precious and to be protected from conception to natural conclusion,

Benjamin Franklin, when exiting the constitutional congress, was asked by the citizens what form of government they had conceived, to which he famously responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

It is to this cause that I am devoted.

Tiffany Hughes

Tiffany Hughes is running for the Florida House District 39.
Tiffany Hughes is running for the Florida House District 39.

"When I think about my priorities for the next two months, I think of the people of HD-39.

I think of the students at Apopka High School attending classes that are overcrowded and underfunded. I think of our retirees struggling to pay for medications and keep up with the high cost of living. And I think of the parents sitting around the dining room table at night after the kids go to bed, trying to figure out how rising housing costs will affect their long-term savings and the ability to send their kids to college.

These are real challenges the people of HD-39 face every day. So when I think about my priorities going into November, it’s communicating to the voters that I’m here to H.E.L.P.

That means addressing issues of…

Housing Affordability

Whether you rent or own, your housing costs have gone up due to a lack of leadership in Tallahassee, and something has to change.

Economic Opportunity

As a small business owner who places more than 600 Floridians a year in careers, I know the importance of supporting local businesses and how to grow our economy without leaving anyone behind.

Learning and Educational Investment

Our children deserve every opportunity to succeed, and that means fully funding our public schools and paying our teachers the salary their profession deserves.

Protecting Our Environment

We choose to live in Florida in part for the natural beauty, and we must ensure that our green spaces, lakes, rivers, and springs are respected and protected.

And finally, we must not forget that access to life-saving reproductive healthcare is on the ballot this year. I believe that it’s a woman’s right to choose and that the decision is a personal one between her, her family, and her doctor — not the government.

Editor's Note: Florida House District 39 is the election that The Apopka Voice will focus on primarily for those on the November general election ballot. We believe it is the most important election to Apopka residents that has not already been resolved. From now until the November 8th election day, look for comprehensive coverage of The Race for 39.

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