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The Light Between Oceans - Review


by Megan Basham

The Light Between Oceans is a beautiful movie, filmed off the rugged Australian coast in a story that takes place just after World War I.

Isabel, a sweet, 19-year-old girl, whose dearest ambition is to care for babies and a home with a man she loves.

The answer to Isabel’s fantasies arrives in the form of Tom, a stoic and psychologically scarred veteran who takes a job keeping the lighthouse on an island just a short boat ride from Isabel’s small town.

One late-term miscarriage follows another, and as a despairing Isabel lies down on her babies’ graves, all clinical posturing that she’s mourning nonentities dissolve. Her grief makes her later decision to claim a foundling infant as her own more understandable.

Use this link to read Megan Basham's entire review of The Light Between Oceans in World Magazine.


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