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The Hughley shooting: Apopka police arrest a suspect


The Dexter Hughley shooting: Part Two

Hughley names his shooter while in ICU

From Orange County Clerk of the Court Documents

After the shooting of Dexter Hughley, the Apopka Police Department provided limited information on the details of the shooting, the extent of Hughley's condition, or even which hospital he was in.

But behind the scenes there was an extensive investigation going on.

Numerous subjects and leads were investigated, but one name that was provided a fellow Wendy's employee was Demarquis Prince. He was a Wendy's employee that had been recently been fired by Hughley.

With that name in mind, detectives made contact with Hughley at the hospital who had recovered enough to communicate with them. A nurse at the intensive care unit of the Orlando Regional Medical Center confirmed he would be able to communicate with detectives. They asked if Hughley wanted to prosecute the shooter and he nodded "yes". Detectives then asked him if he knew who his shooter was and he nodded "yes" again.

Apopka detectives showed Hughley two photographic line-ups that included two suspects, but not Prince. Hughley did not appear to recognize or indicate that any of those subjects in either line-up had shot him. Hughley was then asked if the shooter was someone who worked at Wendy's, to which he nodded "yes". He was asked if the shooter still worked for Wendy's and he nodded "no".

Detectives then asked Hughley if Prince was the shooter. Hughley did not immediately answer and appeared to become emotional. He then mouthed the words "I'm scared". They reassured Hughley that the police were doing everything possible to put the perpetrator in jail. They asked again if Prince was the shooter.

Hughley nodded "yes".

Detectives later returned to ICU and showed Hughley the new line-up. Hughley identified Prince as his shooter from that line-up.

Two weeks later, Apopka detectives returned to ORMC and Hughley confirmed that the person who shot him was Prince. He confirmed that Prince had worked for him at Wendy's, but he had to fire him due to poor attendance.

According to Hughley, on the day of the shooting he arrived home from work and while he was getting undressed, he was confronted by Prince inside his apartment. Prince spoke to him and then shot him two times rapidly in the chest. He fell to the ground and couldn't move.

Prince then shot him one more time in the neck while he was laying on the floor.

Hughley did not see anyone else in his house and believed Prince was alone and may have already been inside his house waiting for him to arrive. Hughley told detectives that he had left the cash deposit from the workday at Wendy's under the driver's seat of his vehicle. When asked why he thought Prince shot him Hughley replied "money".

On December 2nd, the APD arrested Prince and charged him with Attempted First Degree Murder, Burglary of a Dwelling with a Battery Therein (with a Firearm), Home Invasion Robbery(with a Firearm), Carjacking (with a Firearm), Aggravated Battery causing Great Bodily Harm (with a Firearm) and Grand Theft Auto.

He remains in the Orange County Jail awaiting trial.



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