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The 5 things you need to be successful in college


Without fixed points, we risk getting lost along the way during our study path. In doing so, we do not bring home the desired results and we end up feeling demoralized and losing motivation. The truth is that there are fundamental needs to be met every day, week by week, and to always stay on top and put our efforts to good use is the best way. Let's see how we can do this!

You need a long-term goal

A long-term goal that is challenging, but possible! In the years of coaching and supporting many young people, I have understood that the "objective" question - what is a good long-term goal - is always a bit confusing. The general trend is that when students feel energized by a new method to test or because they want to improve their performance, they immediately aim unrealistically high. And  then too often fail. For example, when you think you’ll write an excellent essay in just one day, and then not do it on time, and realize you have to seek help from an essay writer online.  

Certainly, setting an ambitious goal for yourself makes you feel excited, and thinking about the possibility of reaching it can bring a type of euphoria. I am not saying that it is wrong to feel this enthusiasm. However, having too ambitious of a goal are a bit like consuming a red bull: they immediately give you a great rush of motivation and energy... but then, in a short time, they tend to fade away until the energizing effect disappears.

Setting a goal that is too high right away will often cause you to lose motivation at the first hurdle. The ideal is to aim high but in a gradual way, without expecting to work miracles. Start by setting a goal for yourself that you know for sure you can achieve, like maybe studying for two exams. Going forward then, if things turn out the right way, you will have a good grip on the method and will be super motivated, making it more likely that you will set a higher goal next time, maybe even for 6 exams at one time!

You also need a short-term goal

A short-term goal is a daily goal to which you can dedicate yourself, almost "forgetting" the longer-term goal that you set earlier. Taking on your challenge one bit at a time makes it more and more achievable.

In India, there is this saying: “How does a man eat an elephant? One slice at a time". Here, the same thing goes for your university exams. You have to tackle them one "slice" at a time by accomplishing one goal each day. This goal can be a number of pages to study or a number of hours to devote to studying. Whatever it is, pursuing it daily will gradually bring you closer to the ultimate bigger goal.

One of the main purposes of having a “mini-mission” to complete every day is to help you not overthink your maxi goal! Why? Because, often you will experience a "no way" day, when studying is more difficult for you, or you're not feeling very motivated, or because the subject is complex, and you'll find yourself thinking "Man, how am I going to get to the end and reach my goal?".

The constant and looming thought of the final goal can sometimes kills motivation, especially in the difficult times. But focusing on what you can accomplish today, on a  daily basis, and completing the small challenges every day, will help you to consistently move toward and accomplish your big end goal. It works every time!

You need never feel alone

If you follow sports or business a little, you will know that all 'number ones' are never alone. As much as they are the 'best', they always need support by their side, someone that supports them and helps them get results.

It is essential that you have someone close to you, someone who will help you understand the techniques and put them into practice. But most of all, someone who is there to support you morally when you have a hard time moving forward and staying determined. And these moments happen to everyone! We all need support. So don't try to go it alone.

You need to have fun

It's important that you lead a fulfilling and complete life. You must not cancel out meaningful moments for yourself for the sake of studying, and above all, you must not deprive yourself moments of leisure and relaxation.

Certainly, the reality of having difficulty in achieving desired results must turn on a light bulb and lead us to ask ourselves why and how to act differently to improve. But, guys, blaming ourselves is of no use! On the contrary, we must remember to dedicate time to our well-being every day. Even if we don't pass the exam. Even if we don't carry out all our plans. Our health and well-being must be priority number one!

It is important to reward yourself and recharge, because only in this way can we aim for the next goal fresh and motivated. Please, do not underestimate these needs! Keep them in mind, satisfy them and you will notice the difference toward actually helping you reach both your short and long-term goals.

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