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Ten Reasons to Use Natural Gas


Reliable, abundant, clean and versatile—these are all words used to describe natural gas, one of the most common forms of energy in the U.S. While it is often used to fuel power plants and factories, natural gas is also a great way to heat water, cook food and generate electricity. In fact, many Americans are starting to turn to natural gas to meet their day-to-day energy needs, and it’s becoming more common here in Florida as well.

With more and more families using natural gas, here are 10 reasons to consider making the switch:

  1. Domestic: Approximately 85 percent of natural gas consumed in the U.S. is produced domestically, with supply coming from 33 different states.
  2. Versatile: Natural gas is ideal for space-heating and water-heating. But it can also be used for stoves, clothes dryers and electricity, just to name a few.
  3. Reliable: Because natural gas comes from an underground pipeline, it’s always there when you need it, even when there’s a storm or power outage.
  4. Efficient: Natural gas is a cost-effective source of energy. Studies have shown that natural gas is twice as efficient as electricity, and gas appliances are faster, use less fuel and last longer.
  5. Convenient: Natural gas provides instant heat, precision cooking and long showers without ever running out of hot water. And you only pay for natural gas after you use it, not before.
  6. Good Investment: Adding natural gas service with efficient gas appliances often increases the resale value of homes.
  7. Environmentally-Friendly: Natural gas is the cleanest-burning energy source available, leaving only water vapor and trace amounts of inactive elements behind.
  8. Plentiful: Domestic supplies of natural gas are abundant, so there’s no need to worry about running out of fuel. This ample supply also helps reduce dependence on foreign sources.
  9. Space-Saving: With natural gas, there’s no need for a standard tank water heater. Tankless water heaters save space, while still providing endless hot water.
  10. Safe: The underground delivery system for natural gas has a remarkable safety record. Each year, the natural gas industry spends more than $4 billion on safety-related efforts.

Making the switch to natural gas can be a great way to go green and save money as well. Lake Apopka Natural Gas District offers rebates for new and existing customers, as well as financing for gas appliances. To learn more, visit www.langd.org, call the LANGD marketing team at (407) 656-2734, ext. 307 or email marketing@langd.org.


Lake Apopka Natural Gas District


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