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Sullivan earns "A+" from pro-family group


Florida Family Action Releases Legislative Scorecard Grading State Legislators on Social Issues

Florida Family Action (FFA) announced on Thursday the publication of its first Legislative Scorecard, tabulating combined legislative votes from both the 2015 and 2016 Florida Legislative Sessions.

“Our hope is that FFA increasingly becomes known for holding all legislators—Republicans and Democrats—accountable for supporting bad policy, and praise for supporting good public policy on issues related to life; marriage; family and religious liberty,” said John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of Florida Family Action.

Jennifer Sullivan received an "A+" rating from Florida Family Action. Sullivan represents Florida House District 31 which includes Apopka and Orange County north of 441 and 436.

"I'm honored to have received an A+ rating from Florida Family Action," said Sullivan in response to the rating. "I ran on a platform committed to strengthening families, protecting life, and preserving religious freedoms and that's exactly what I intend to continue to do if given the honor of being re-elected to represent House District 31."

Earlier this month, John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Action, announced his endorsement of Jennifer Sullivan for Florida House District 31. Stemberger issued the following statement:

“Jennifer Sullivan has been nothing short of a conservative rock star in her first term in the Florida House. She has demonstrated more courage and effectiveness in one year of that term than many legislators do in their entire careers. She has been a clear champion of life, family and liberty, and Florida voters should proudly reelect her to the Florida House.”

Individual legislators were scored based upon votes favorable or unfavorable to FFA’s legislative agenda. The guide scored 12 issues on FFA’s legislative agenda from 2015 and 2016. State legislators received both a letter grade from A+ to F and a corresponding numeric percentage score from 0-100%.

In the House of Representatives, the average House Democrat score was 41.35%. The average House Republican score was 90.66%. One House Democrat received an A and one a D, and the rest received F’s. Thirty seven (37) House Republican Legislators received a perfect “A+” score, twenty eight (28) received A’s. Two GOP Representatives received D’s and five received F’s.

In the Florida Senate, the average Democrat score was 34.12% and the average Republican Score was 89.93%. Eleven (11) Republican State Senators received a perfect A+ score and one GOP Senator received an A. One Republican Senator received a D and all Democrat Senators received F’s.

Legislators in both chambers receiving an A+ score will be invited to be publicly recognized and honored as a “Champion of the Family” at the Florida Family Policy Council’s 11th Annual Policy Awards Dinner on Saturday, August 27, 2016 in Orlando, where Dr. Ben Carson will be featured as the keynote speaker.

To view the full scorecard Click Here..

Florida Family Action is the legislative arm of the Florida Family Policy Council.


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