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Submitted Assignment Minutes Late: Avoid the Penalty for Late Submission


If you want to turn in your homework on time but usually wind up submitting it minutes late, here are some lessons you'll soon realize. Lateness with an assignment might lead to a slew of issues. It can cause friction with your professor, increase the workload you have to take home, and put you at risk of failing the class.

Regardless of the repercussions, it is a relatively common occurrence. [You’re not alone in this. If you think a new task from your professor is a lot to take on, it’s okay to delegate and get help from a trusted assignment writing service like AssignmentGuru.] Here's a comprehensive guide to avoiding submission issues and the late submission penalty. Before we go on to explain these tips, if your reason for always submitting an assignment late is because you started writing late, then you could use the help of a professional essay writer.

How to avoid penalties for late submissions of assignments?

There are various ways to avoid late submission penalties, and we've included a couple below.      

Notify your lecturer

You can do several things to ensure you don't miss any deadlines (nor have to make excuses for it). The first step in preventing late submission is to complete it as soon as possible. It's a good idea to approach your professor and explain your predicament well before the deadline.

If they are aware of it ahead of time, they may be able to give you an extension or allow you to submit it later. You should also strive to notify them as soon as possible so that they can make necessary adjustments to their schedules. You can contact them by phone or email and advise them of your issue. You can also explain why you could not finish the task on time.

Explain to them whether you have already incurred a penalty for a late submission. If you have a legitimate reason for being late, your professor will hopefully understand and accept your contribution even if it is sent beyond the deadline.    

Set a reminder

Setting reminders may be done in various ways, but the most efficient is probably through your phone. You can use your phone to set the alarm or a reminder to remind you when an assignment is due.

The best part is that it's simple and convenient – creating reminders only takes a few seconds, and there's no excuse for forgetting! If you're utilizing a computer system, an alternative is to use Google Calendar or Mac Calendar.

This is a tried-and-true method proven to be quite beneficial over time. It will assist you in keeping track of your duties, particularly those that are due soon or are past due. Set a reminder whenever you have a task or assignment that needs to be finished or approaching the due date. Make sure your reminder system is powerful and dependable so it won't let you down when you need it. Remember that you can always seek assignment help from the best writing services to complete your work on time.       

Look for a reasonable excuse for the delay in submission

If your justification is plausible, you will feel at ease with yourself and won't have to worry about the repercussions. The professor will be glad to learn that you are telling the truth and may grant you an extension.

Just be sure that your arguments are valid and that you aren't simply inventing lies to get out of a jam. Late submissions without proper authorization may result in severe consequences such as grade reductions or even rejection of the submission entirely. You must retain complete transparency when describing your case so that your lecturer clearly understands the circumstance.           

Ask for an extension from your lecturer

Even if the professor is willing to extend it for you, it's better to ask for an extension halfway through your coursework rather than at the conclusion. That's because completing your coursework (especially essays) in a short amount of time while yet doing them justice becomes exceedingly challenging. This is by far the best way of obtaining an extension.

Your professor may grant you more time if you explain why you deserve it. You probably don't need additional time if you can't articulate why you deserve it. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this, especially if it's the day before a paper is due.

This means that students will not be able to use this option most of the time. It's worth a shot now and then, though. Your professor will most likely grant your request if you have a valid justification for requesting more time and have performed well in the class thus far (or even just in this particular assignment). If they say no, you'll have to start all over again.

How do you request a paper extension?

In-person or via email is the best approach to request an extension. Begin by saying something like, "I'm sorry I couldn't finish my work on time." Then, explain why you need additional time to finish it, such as if you're having problems researching your topic or if you're dealing with a personal situation.

Next, ask your teacher whether they will grant you an extension so that you can submit your paper late without incurring a penalty. If they agree, let them know when you'll submit the task and thank them for their patience. Grade miners can be a valuable resource when it comes to writing quality academic papers and meeting deadlines.

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