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Special City Council meeting becomes a City Council Workshop


The Special City Council Meeting scheduled for Friday, September 2nd has been changed to a Workshop.

What is the difference between a City Council Meeting and a City Council Workshop?

According to the formal announcement of the now-canceled Special City Council Meeting, "All interested parties may appear and be heard with respect to this agenda."

The announcements for the City Council Workshop states, "Public comment will not be heard during a Workshop meeting, but public comment on Workshop items are welcome at the very next regular City Council meeting following a Workshop meeting."

Why was the Special Meeting of the City Council on 9/2/2016 replaced with a Workshop?"

The Apopka Voice asked the City's Public Information Officer, Robert Sargent, that question. His response was, "It is a clerical correction."

According to the republished agenda the purpose of the meeting has not changed. It is still to answer questions about donations and sponsorships towards the Kaboom grant for the Lake Avenue Park & Alonzo Williams Park.

According to the workshop notice, Kaboom is currently seeking a large sponsor to fulfill the $90,000 requirement for the grant. The sponsor(s) would be companies or organizations similar to names like Disney, SeaWorld, Snapple, Pepsi, etc...

The secondary component to the Kaboom grant is the city’s required contribution of $8,500 which is to be established via fundraising or donations. Any monies collected over the city’s required $8,500 contribution would essentially go towards the maintenance fund for City parks.

The workshop will be at 1:30 PM on Friday, September 2, 2016, in the City Hall Chambers. Kaboom representative, Laetitia Morrisson, will be available for questioning via conference call.

Use this link to view the Workshop meeting notice.

Use this link to view the original meeting notice and additional information about Kaboom and Kaboom grants.



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