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Smart Ways to Make a Long-Distance PCS Move Without Going Broke


Doing a long-distance Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move doesn't mean you have to break the bank. With the right strategies, planning and persistence, it can be an efficient process - both in time and cost.

Military personnel often face unexpected costs associated with their moves because they tend to underestimate how much it takes financially and logistically. To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, there are certain measures one must take before, during, and after the PCS move.

Here are some smart ways to save money on your long distance PCS moves while making sure your precious items arrive safely at their destination.

Plan ahead

Moving can be expensive and time consuming, so it's important to plan ahead as much as possible. This will help you budget your expenses while simultaneously helping you keep the stress levels low throughout the entire process.

Research any available military programs that might ease or subsidize certain things associated with a PCS move. Make sure to get all documents in order early, and know when deadlines for certain steps need to be completed by.

Look into programs such as the Military Homeownership Assistance Program (MHAP) and Weight Allowance Program. The MHAP may help with mortgage costs, while the Weight Allowance Program helps with transporting personal belongings to one's new duty station.

Use online tools for moving

Utilize the internet as much as possible in search of programs, rates and services that are available during your long-distance move. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist can offer you secondhand moving supplies at great prices, while various packing or labor sites can give reduced rates compared to traditional companies because they don’t have expensive overhead costs associated with them.

You should also take the time to calculate the total expenses of moving, such as gas mileage, hotel stays and labor costs. This will help you determine if it's more cost effective to move yourself or go with a professional option.

Utilize military resources to make your move easier

Check out resources available through military bases near where you will be relocating. Many officers clubs provide discounts on food, drinks, lodging and even child care if applicable. You may also get help on hiring a reputable moving company.

Additionally there may also be support from other military members that are nearby who might help reduce costs associated with your more by helping transport items for free or discounted prices - a great way to save time too!

If we consider taking advantage of all the different resources available, the long-distance PCS move won’t have to be overly expensive. For example, get details on extra pay for a permanent change from your branch of service and make sure you note down any additional entitlements like moving allowances.

Utilize community resources to reduce stressful costs associated with a PCS move

Research any local area agencies offering assistance whether it is financial help or just donated materials/goods needed for the move. Take advantage of family housing options like those provided by the Department of Defense.

Additionally look for any government programs or even private organizations who may provide services such as counseling, job placement, and educational assistance to help ease the transition into a new city/town.

For example, the American Red Cross often has PCS programs that provide assistance to service members during their move. Explore these resources and take advantage of any opportunities at your disposal!

Prioritizing what’s important during a long-distance move

When PCSing it is important to prioritize what purchases or tasks are most necessary when preparing for your move. You might have to let go of some items that may be non-essential during this time frame.

Make sure you keep track of bills and payments associated with your move - including those incidental costs like dining out along the way too! It's all part of trying to save money on an expensive endeavor such as moving hundreds if not thousands miles away from home.

For example, try to take advantage of offers like military discounts when dining out and various thrift stores for items that you may need during the move.

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