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Small Ways to Reaffirm your Faith


It is essential that if you have faith, you take time to explore that further every once in a while. Reaffirming your faith can help you feel closer to God and ease your struggles too. It’s not always easy to feel the presence of God, and it’s not always easy to remain faithful. This is what makes doing a faith check-in a worthwhile pursuit. 

It is easy to feel like you have drifted from your faith in today's society, but you are not alone. True faith isn’t constant and unwavering; true faith always brings you where you need to be through learning and discovery. 

At the end of your journey of exploration and reaffirmation, you will more often than not find yourself realigned with your faith. 


We often talk about gratitude, but what that means to individuals can vary. If you aren’t actively giving thanks and gratitude for what you have, you may not be checking in with your faith. 

Gratefulness can be in small things, such as appreciation for the food on the table, the clothes you wear, or the life you have - friends and family. 

Take regular pauses throughout your day to give thanks, and try to make sure that you are giving thanks for the variety of "gifts of life" throughout the day. 

Make a list of all of the things you are grateful for, and each day take a moment to go over those items. Go further and be thankful for how and why you have them. 


While it is beneficial to go to a place of faith and be led in prayer and song, you can also pray alone whenever the mood takes you. The salvation prayer can be one of the most important if you feel you have walked too far from the path of your faith. 

But you can also add some regular prayers into your day that are for others. 

"I pray for those afflicted with poverty and deprivation, that they may be free from want."

"I pray for those who mourn, that they will find consolation."

"I pray for those who have no home or family of their own, that they will find both within the community of believers."

Remember that to pray is to grow faith and to have the ear of the Lord, and you should use it wisely. 


If you don’t have spare money - do you have extra time? Give either one of these to charitable causes. Volunteering in soup kitchens, raising money for causes, participating in community events, and donating money to good causes are all good uses of your time. 

What you have extra of will be truly needed and appreciated by others. You can feel good about giving back, and doing good for others and it is some of the most crucial time we can spend. 

[There are moments in one’s life where we start to lose our faith in God. May it be the unexpected death of a loved one or a series of misfortunes. God has a plan for every one of us. Although we may not completely understand that plan, we must rest easy knowing that He knows what’s best for His flock. Faith is a constant process of affirming one’s belief and reaffirming it in times of doubt through prayers, Bible study sessions, giving to others, and being grateful. ]

Reaffirming your faith might not happen in a day or even a week - but what is essential is that you take an active role. Make time to be thankful, set time aside every day to pray, and look for the moments to be the light in the dark by volunteering or donating. 

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