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Run with a Cop


If you were driving past the entrance to the Northwest Recreation Complex last Friday night you might have thought a major manhunt was underway. Several police cars converged on the location just before 8:30 PM. A dozen Apopka police officers got out of their vehicles, but only one was in uniform. The others were wearing running shoes, shorts and T-shirts.

What was happening? The Apopka Police Department's annual fitness run.

run with a copEach year every Apopka police officer must run one mile in less than 10 minutes. Those over 40 are allowed an extra minute.

For one runner the Friday night run was his second of the day and his fourth of the month. Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley told The Apopka Voice that he tried to make as many of the runs as possible. That is not easy since the runs are generally scheduled at the beginning of the officers' shifts.

Lieutenant Christopher Hanstein was in charge of the event. After dsc_0105the start he drove to the finish line a mile north on Jason Dwelley Parkway. There he recorded the times as each officer finished the course.

There is an incentive to finish as fast as possible. Lower finishing times earn more points for each officer's annual review.

Given the camaraderie among the officers it was not surprising to see the early finishers run back up the course to encourage their slower colleagues by running along side them back to the finish.

dsc_0111What happens to those who do not finish within the time limit? They get to try again in a few days.


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