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Rising Sales Of Luxury Homes Driven By Flexible Buyers


A greater emphasis from buyers has been placed on health and wellbeing, spectacular natural views, space to exercise and meditate, and sustainable and environmentally-friendly features

By Cindy Cummings

Sales of luxury homes in Central Florida have risen dramatically over the past few months, leaving realtors with 40% less inventory compared with last year. As more people are working from home, they are free to look for property in any areas where they can enjoy greater access to outdoor living and activities. As the price of high end homes rises in response to growing demand, buyers are looking for particular features that will make their multi-million dollar investment worthwhile. A greater emphasis has been placed on health and wellbeing recently, and homes that offer spectacular natural views, space to exercise and meditate, and sustainable and environmentally-friendly features are becoming more sought after.

A View Of Nature

In escaping the confines of city apartments and restricted metropolitan areas, one of the features that luxury homebuyers are prioritizing is a spectacular view from their luxury property. A recent survey of luxury home wishlists found that most people would love to buy a house overlooking striking mountains, expanses of water or beautiful parks. Luxury waterside developments across the country combine the wild beauty of nature with designer homes and convenient amenities. High end homes in Orlando's gated communities offer stunning views, as well as luxury properties looking across Lake Apopka, while luxury cabins in Utah overlook a stunning panorama of mountains, state parks and reservoirs. Whether individually designed or custom built, the properties like those seen on Utah's Benloch Ranch, for example, include strategically placed picture windows in order to make the most of surrounding views and vistas.

A Place For Health And Wellness

Last year saw demand for luxury properties grow by over 60%, the largest rise in seven years. Working from home has enabled buyers to be more flexible about the location of their next property, and has caused them to seek out homes with more outdoor space in which to relax and entertain. There has also been more focus on health and wellbeing, which can be easily accommodated in a high end home. New luxury housing developments are increasingly linked to outdoor exercise and recreational activities, and they offer access to golf courses, fishing, and walking trails. At the same time, a luxury home can provide a more substantial footprint that allows whole rooms to be dedicated to yoga studios, meditation spaces and spa rooms.

Combining Luxury With Sustainability

High-end new developments and remodels are increasingly embracing sustainable design without compromising on luxury. As well as wanting to minimize the environmental impact of a property on its natural surroundings, property buyers are still looking for cutting edge technology and advanced features synonymous with luxury homes. With geothermal heating systems, labor saving smart appliances, and stations for charging electric cars, sustainable luxury design reduces energy consumption without cutting back on stylish design.

The demand for high end homes is currently outstripping supply. With more time spent at home over the last few months, the latest trends in luxury property design reflect the desire of homebuyers to relax in natural surroundings and dedicate time to their health and wellbeing.

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