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Rep. Demings responds to $2-trillion stimulus package


Representative Val Demings of the 10th District, which includes Apopka, made this statement on her Facebook page:

"The Senate has now passed historic COVID-19 relief. Democrats fought to ensure that this relief would put workers first, and I’m glad to report that the majority of the relief is going to workers, small-businesses, hospitals, and local governments. Here is what's in it (thread):

Our first priority has to be getting this pandemic under control as quickly as possible. The legislation will inject $150 billion into our health care system, filling critical shortages for hospitals, medical equipment, and keeping our front-line health care workers safe.

To ensure that local governments have the resources to obtain critical safety equipment and fund the response effort, the bill will send an additional $150 billion to state and local governments.

Next, we have to protect American workers, laid off for no fault of their own. The package supercharges unemployment insurance: Florida’s weekly figure will increase from $275 to $875. And, for the first time, this will include freelancers, gig workers, and furloughed workers.

We also MUST ensure that small businesses can survive this downturn. The bill includes $367 billion for loans to small businesses, and additional money for emergency grants. Additionally, businesses will be incentivized to keep their workers on staff, and on the payroll.

American must be able to pay for basic necessities during this crisis. Once the House passes and the president signs this legislation, it will trigger a process to send at least $1,200 to every American taxpayer earning less than $75,000.

Finally, to ensure that our economy and large employers are able to keep Americans on the payroll, the legislation will provide $500 billion for large businesses and local governments. A new Inspector General and oversight panel will ensure that this money is spent responsibly."

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