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Reasons Why You Need to Choose Specific Clothes When Playing Golf



By Allen Brown

One of the reasons golf is so popular is that people of all ages can enjoy it. Since golf is played outdoors, some people play the game to relax and enjoy the open air, while others choose to play competitively. Business people also have a good reason to enjoy this sport as many business meetings take place on the golf course. The environment on the golf course is a real draw, being more laid back and friendly, which allows business people to bond with both clients and business associates.

The thing about golf is that you can’t play the game wearing a t-shirt and jeans, as there is a very specific attire that is required for this sport. Golf is one of the sports that has a rich history, is played by royalty and regular people alike, and has an established "class" or formality about it. As a matter of fact, many golf courses and clubs enforce dress codes firmly. The dress code isn’t created to limit you or just so you look good, it is also very important for your performance. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to choose specific clothes when playing golf.

Look Good and Play Good

The majority of golf players spend around five hours on the golf course, this is why their clothes need to be both comfortable and practical. Just like golf has its playing etiquette, golf clubs do as well, and you should follow their rules by dressing appropriately. If you want your golfing experience to be enjoyable, then make sure that your clothes are loose-fitting so your movements aren’t restricted and enable you to play a good game. The one thing that clubs don’t impose any rules on are colors; you can wear all the bold and loud colors you want, as long as your clothes match. Some people believe that you are as good as what you wear, and that if you look good you play well; so see the value in it and invest in stylish golf attire.

Walk Easily

When you are golfing you aren’t just walking, you are also carrying your golf bag or pulling a golf trolley, and if you aren’t feeling comfortable you will soon be exhausted. This is why wearing comfortable shoes and comfortable golf pants, like khakis or golf slacks, is helpful. You have to consider a few things when you are choosing the right golf pants, such as the weather outside material and thickness of the pants. It is normal for you to want to choose a specific brand, but remember, whatever brand, price, or style you choose, make sure that the pants are comfortable. When it comes to shoes, choose a pair that fits your feet well and again, is comfortable. Wearing a fitting pair of golf shoes is better than suffering from blisters and foot pain, as these can ruin your whole golfing experience. Before you purchase golf shoes, you should check with the club you are playing at as many clubs have banned traditional shoes with metal spikes since they are more prone to damage greens.

Head and Hands Protection

Hats and gloves are important parts of your golf attire. Golf players don’t wear hats as a fashion statement, but rather to protect themselves from the sun, which can affect their game. If you have sensitive skin, then you know that it needs protection from the sun, and the same goes for your eyes. These are all good reasons to invest in practical headwear. Compared to other items of golf attire, wearing gloves is recommended, but not required. Golfers usually wear one glove on the lead hand; left-handed golfers will wear the glove on their right hand while right-handed golfers will do the same but on the left hand. Gloves have their advantages as well, like reducing your chances of having blisters. In addition, it is recommended to wear gloves on both hands during the winter to keep your hands warm and dry.

There are certain clothing items that you should avoid when you play golf:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Jeans
  3. Shorts that are too short
  4. Rubber shoes
  5. Sandals

Wearing khakis or golf slacks, a collared shirt, shorts, or golf skirts, and golf club shoes with soft spikes are the go-to attire for proper dress and functionality.

Golfing is a sport that can be played by everyone, whether you are playing the game to relax or to compete against others. Even business people who don’t have time to enjoy their favorite hobbies multi-task and finish their business deals on the golf course. Whatever your reason to play golf, make sure that you are dressed appropriately so you enjoy the game to the fullest.

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