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A few months ago, The Apopka Voice paused reader comments on our site. It was a tough decision, but it was the right thing to do at the time. But now, we think it's time for comments to return. 

The Apopka Voice is pleased to announce the reinstatement of online comments, albeit with a set of new rules aimed at enhancing the overall experience for our readers and giving them a safe space to interact.

Prioritizing Respectful Discourse

The Apopka Voice values diverse perspectives and believes in the power of respectful dialogue. Our new commenting rules will emphasize the importance of maintaining a civil and courteous tone. We encourage readers to express their opinions thoughtfully, fostering an atmosphere of constructive conversation.

 Moderation for Quality and Relevance

The Apopka Voice will implement moderation practices to ensure the comment section remains a space for meaningful discussion. Comments that are off-topic, inflammatory, or violate community guidelines will be subject to removal, and the person may be blocked from commenting if they persist. This proactive approach aims to maintain the quality and relevance of discussions within the community. 

Limited Comments per article

Quality over quantity is a guiding principle in our decision to reintroduce comments. We encourage readers to focus on contributing meaningful insights and perspectives rather than engaging in unproductive exchanges. Each reader gets no more than two comments per article.

Accountability and Authenticity

The Apopka Voice is committed to fostering an accountable and authentic online community. Readers are required to use real identities when commenting, promoting transparency and accountability. This approach enhances the credibility of the discussion and builds trust among community members. If we cannot verify you are using your real name, we will remove your comments and block you from future comments.

Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech and Harassment

In our dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment, The Apopka Voice has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and harassment. Comments that discriminate, threaten, or harass individuals or groups will be promptly removed, and the person will be blocked from future comments. This commitment ensures that the comment section remains a welcoming space for all members of the Apopka community.

Constructive Criticism Encouraged

The Apopka Voice welcomes constructive criticism that contributes to improving our content and services. We encourage readers to provide feedback, ask questions, and share their concerns in a manner that promotes positive dialogue. Constructive criticism is crucial in our continuous effort to serve the community better.

As we reintroduce online comments with these new rules, The Apopka Voice looks forward to creating a vibrant and inclusive space for community engagement. By collectively upholding these guidelines, we believe we can foster a positive online environment that reflects the spirit of Apopka—diverse, respectful, and united in the pursuit of shared understanding. Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

If there is a story you would like to comment on and you are previously signed up with your authentic name, go to the bottom of the article under the comment section and follow the instructions.

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  • MDuran

    I’m glad to see this reinstated. I would only suggest to remove the two comment rule, as it could limit the thread of good dialogue.

    Tuesday, February 6 Report this