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Natural Gas

Power up your ride with versatile natural gas


Natural Gas Vehicles, or NGVs for short, are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason. Powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and/or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) instead of traditional gasoline or diesel fuels, these innovative vehicles are a revolution in transportation, offering a sustainable and affordable alternative to power your ride.

There are a number of reasons why switching to natural gas may be the best option for you or your business. To name a few, NGVs offer:

A cleaner ride: NGVs emit significantly fewer pollutants than gasoline or diesel fuels. As a primary fuel alternative, RNG – which is produced from recycling organic waste sources from landfills, animal manure, food waste, and wastewater treatment plants – produces about 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than gasoline, leading to cleaner air and improved public health overall. It even offsets emissions by preventing methane from escaping landfills and other waste sources. 

Fueling your wallet: Beyond the environmental benefits, NGVs offer undeniable economic advantages. In fact, CNG costs about 40-50% less per gallon than gasoline [NGV America], translating to significant savings. For businesses looking to save money wherever they can, switching to an NGV fleet can mean substantial fuel cost reductions, boosting their bottom line while demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Performance without compromise: Unlike electric vehicles, there’s no compromise when it comes to NGVs’ distance capabilities. With ample torque and impressive range, NGVs offer the freedom to roam without the worry of having to stop to refuel every 200 miles. Plus, advancements in CNG refueling infrastructure mean finding a fuel station is becoming increasingly convenient.

At Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, we are proud to provide natural gas to several CNG refueling stations around the region. The city of Apopka and many local transit and school bus fleets rely on CNG and/or RNG to refuel their trucks and public works vehicles, while private businesses like Waste Management, City Furniture, and UPS utilize an NGV fleet to perform their essential services. Learn more about how the District is involved at www.LANGD.org/CNG.

The momentum is undeniable with over 23 million NGVs already cruising roadways worldwide. Here in the U.S., natural gas fueling options are steadily expanding, with hundreds of refueling stations already in place across the nation. Government incentives and tax credits make the switch even more attractive, demonstrating a national commitment to cleaner transportation using a domestic fuel source.

Every journey you take in an NGV is a commitment to a smarter future; it’s an investment in your wallet, your community, and our planet.  Visit NGVAmerica.org to learn more, locate fueling stations near you, and discover how you can make the switch. Together, let’s fuel the future with NGVs!  To find the nearest CNG/RNG Fueling, click Station Map Testing - NGV America .  If you’re interested in learning more about NGVs, or if you’d like to make the switch to safe, reliable, and cost-effective natural gas for your home or business, please connect with our marketing team at (407) 656-2734 ext. 307 or marketing@langd.org to learn more.

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