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Positive COVID-19 cases increased from 57 to 169 per day last week in Orange County


While a naturally assumed ‘cause - effect’ of more testing means there will be an increase of positive cases reported, it also means there are more COVID-19 carriers than previously known.

From the Florida Department of Health

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) releases a report on COVID-19 cases in Florida once per day. The DOH COVID-19 dashboard also provides updates once per day, and the state provides a report detailing surveillance data for every Florida county, which is available here.


Test results for more than 50,400 new individuals in Florida were reported to DOH as of midnight, on Saturday, June 13, and reported by the DOH on Sunday, June 14, as follows:

  • 2,016 new positive COVID-19 cases (Florida Residents)
  • 6 new Florida resident deaths related to COVID-19

To date, there are a total of 75,568 Florida cases*** with 2,931 deaths related to COVID-19.

Orange County

As of the DOH reporting on June 14, there have been a total of 3,024 positive COVID-19 cases of Orange County residents.

The demographics on those who tested positive break down as follows:


Males: 1579

Females: 1445


0-4: 52

5-14: 90

15-24: 503

25-44: 1218

45-64: 963

65-74: 186

75-84: 118

85+: 35



In the last week there has been an uptick in positive cases:

June 6: 57

June 7: 54

June 8: 75

June 9: 74

June 10: 122

June 11: 122

June 12: 136

June 13: 169


32703: 126 positive cases

32712: 134 positive cases


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