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Police arrest mother of 11-year-old who shot teens after Apopka football practice


The mother of the 11-year-old who shot two 13-year-olds after an October football practice in Apopka has been arrested. Sharelle Johnson, 33, was arrested and charged with negligence over leaving a loaded firearm within reach of a minor.

In a statement, the State Attorney's Office said that Johnson 'had left the firearm in a “worn and tattered” cardboard box without any safety locks or fasteners'. 

Johnson’s son was arrested after he shot two teenagers, both 13 years old, in a parking lot near the football field at the Northwest Recreational Facility in Apopka. He was charged with attempted murder.

The Apopka Police Department, who arrested the 11-year-old in October, released the following statement:

"The Apopka Police Department received notification from the Office of the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit that Ms. Sharelle Johnson, mother of the eleven-year-old involved in a Pop Warner football practice shooting, was arrested today on a charge of culpable negligence.

The Apopka Police Department wants to thank State Attorney Bain and his office for reviewing all the facts related to our investigation and ensuring that proper criminal charges were brought against all individuals connected to this unfortunate incident.

This incident underscores the vital importance of responsible firearm ownership. Those who possess firearms must implement stringent security measures to prevent access by minors, reflecting our collective commitment to community safety by keeping firearms out of inappropriate hands.

At this time, the Apopka Police Department does not have any further comments regarding this case. Our thoughts and prayers persist for the victims affected by this incident."

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