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Pastors take on South Apopka violence


It has been an unusually violent Spring Break in Apopka and South Apopka. On Saturday, and again on Monday a teenager was shot and killed. And while it is unusual for two teenagers to be murdered within 48 hours of one another, it only highlights the violence that this section of the city has experienced for generations.

IMG_597411But on Thursday evening, The South Apopka Ministerial Alliance (SAMA) will take the first steps in finding solutions to this horrific issue. They will bring together local community leaders, pastors, Apopka Police and Orange County Sheriffs, and the public to talk.

Pastors Hezekiah Bradford (The President of the SAMA) and Richard King will host a meeting at The John Bridges Community Center (445 13th Street Apopka) this Thursday, March 24th at 6:00pm to address the issues of the community.

In his email, Bradford writes:

"I would like to extend an invitation to all concerned with the senseless violence and death within our Apopka community.

We realize that one community meeting will not solve what ails our community, but we MUST start somewhere and the purpose of this community meeting is to address our role and responsibility within our community.


The South Apopka Ministerial Alliance would like to invite you to the John Bridges Community Center at 445 13th Street in Apopka this Thursday at 6:00pm to address the issues of our community.


We ask these questions:

  1. What are the existing services within our community that we can utilize i.e., mentoring, educational, conflict resolution etc.?
  2. Where are services located?
  3. What services are needed?

Orange County SheriffThe bottom line is accountability and responsibility. We don’t have the answers independent of one another. We need you to come to the table and HELP, bring your ideas, your innovations but most importantly be present and accounted for. Mothers, come and tell us how we can help, Fathers, show that we are present, as a community we can stand up to what ails our community together. Please tell your neighbors, your family members, your friends, come out and let’s do more than talk, let’s turn words into ACTION!!!

If anyone has any substantive strategies or suggestions, prior to this community meeting, we welcome your input."


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