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Parking Committee to review proposed ordinance tonight


The Apopka Parking Ordinance Advisory Committee is expected to review specific changes to the City's Parking Ordinance during tonight's meeting.

The Committee has met four times and has discussed the problems and benefits of the current parking ordinance.

Everyone is in agreement with the basic criteria described by Chief Mike McKinley at the first meeting of the committee on July 18th:

  1. Public Safety is paramount. Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services vehicles must be able to travel freely on the streets of Apopka.
  2. Other government services cannot be hampered. This would include garbage and recycling vehicles as well as mail delivery.

Beyond these criteria the members of the Committee are not in total agreement.

A couple of committee members would prefer that no on-street parking be allowed. Others want the ordinance to allow "reasonable" on-street parking. There is also a difference of opinion as to what constitutes "reasonable."

More than one committee member has noted that an Apopka resident can park a motorhome on the street in front of their house for 72 hours, but cannot park a car for one hour, except for special occasions.

The anticipation is that the proposed changes drafted by the Apopka Police Department will allow on-street parking, but that there will be clear rules to be followed.

The next meeting of the Apopka Parking Ordinance Advisory Committee will be held tonight, Monday, September 12th at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be the Council Chamber at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

The members of the committee are:

  • Jackie Sandler - Pines of Wekiva
  • Dan Burrington - Piedmont Lakes
  • Steve Coleman - Lake Todd Estates
  • Gudrun “Goddy” Davis - Errol Estate
  • Misha Corbett - Dream Lake Estates
  • Mike Files - Rock Springs Ridge
  • Marvin Guttman - Rock Springs Ridge



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