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Orange County Impact Fees Benefit Community


What are impact fees? And why should I care?

In Orange County there are five different impact fees: Schools, Law Enforcement, Fire, Parks and Transportation impact fees.

County CommissionerBryan Nelson

"Impact Fees are charges assessed on new developments to help pay for public infrastructure required to accommodate developments in an area," according to County Commissioner Bryan Nelson. "The community benefits from these fees by reducing the cost of roads, schools, law enforcement, fire, parks and recreation, and transportation."

Effective January 01, 2017 the school impact fee rates for will be; Single-Family Detached $8,784, Multi-Family $5,919, Townhouse $6,930, and Mobile Home $6,088.

Developments that are exempt from school fees include; Government-owned residential construction, senior housing, student housing, and county facilities constructed for non-proprietary governmental purposes.

“The total fee for a project is the sum of the School, Law Enforcement, Fire, Parks, and Transportation Fees, as well as the water and sewer capital charges” as quoted by the Orange County Impact Fee Committee. These fees depend on the type of land use for a development and the unit which will vary for each project.

Water and sewage charges will also vary depending on the development. According to the Utilities Development Engineering Division, “capital charges are assessed on all connections to Orange County Utilities' water distribution and wastewater collection systems in accordance with Chapter 37 of the Orange County Code.” Information on what may be charged is available from the Orange County Utilities Department.

Orange County offers assistance to 501(C)(3) organizations with impact fees through grants that can be applied for through the Orange County website and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Up to fifty percent of the assessed impact fees will be covered by these grants but cannot exceed $50,000.

To estimate impact fees, find assistance for 501(c)(3) organizations, or for more information visit, www.Ocfl.net/impactfees



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