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Orange County

Orange County deputies find dead body in South Apopka


Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff's Office responded to a call in South Apopka that ultimately led them to discover a dead body.

According to the OCSO report, deputies found the remains at approximately 10:45 pm Monday near the 200 block of South Hawthorne Avenue in Apopka while responding to an unrelated call for service.

The discovery of the deceased person is under investigation.

The OCSO did not release the name of the deceased subject.

This is an update of breaking news and may be updated again if more details are known.

South Apopka, Apopka, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Homicide Investigation


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  • MamaMia

    The woman found dead behind the dumpster, and now another dead body near Hawthorne Av. This is scary, but there has been a lot of dead bodies being found around our area, and not many crimes being solved. Dangerous times we live in. For new comers, you ask, is Apopka safe? Noooooo, not at all!

    Wednesday, June 7, 2023 Report this

  • maylinna

    i read that a body was found in the 2000 block of south hawthorne ave? I wonder if its 200 or 2000 or is it another dead body? what about the dead body behind the shopping plaza next to the dumpster? did anyone hear anything else? This is alot of dead bodies piling up in Apopka, There was also that dead dismembered body on Hawthorne next to that park not to many months ago,

    Friday, June 9, 2023 Report this