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Orange County Clerk Launches New and Improved Website


The Orange County Clerk’s Office has launched a new and improved informational website to enhance the overall use of the site for customers. Next time you visit www.myorangeclerk.com , you may notice a new user friendly format. However, that is not all. The new information website is also responsive. This means it can conform, or respond, to any device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This makes the website user friendly through any device.

In addition, upgrades made to the site also target customer navigation. We approached the redesign of the website from the customer’s perspective in order to pinpoint our customers’ needs and wants to create an intuitive site that provides information in easy-to-understand sections.

“As the Clerk of Courts, increased technology is a big priority to me,” said Clerk Tiffany Moore Russell. “Our new website is easy to navigate through with different media devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. It will make conducting business online with our organization easier and more convenient for our customers.”

The Clerk’s Office new website officially launched last Friday. You may visit the Orange County Clerk’s Office new website at www.myorangeclerk.com.

The website upgrade follows the creation of the Clerk’s my eClerk court records search site last year. At my eClerk customers may conduct court record searches, view public court documents, pay traffic tickets and more.



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