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On the lighter side: The doctor is in


If you thought corona merch was too much, wait till you see the Fauci-conomy

By The Hustle

Everybody loves Anthony.

Across the country, people are paying tribute to (and capitalizing on) America’s most in-demand coronavirus expert.

That’d be Anthony Fauci, the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH. He’s earned fame for (gently) correcting President Trump on the coronavirus -- and generally being a steady hand on the wheel when our societal dumpster fire feels like it could careen off the rails at any moment.

The Fauci fanatics have something to sell you

Their wares are a new spin on the booming (and puzzling) business of coronavirus merchandise. The Washington Post surveyed the Fauci Industrial Complex and found some pretty wild products:

A New York bakery fried up a sensation with a Fauci-themed (and buttercream-frosted) doughnut.

A Long Island restaurant is serving up Fauci linguine with white clam sauce (pickup only, because we gotta obey social distancing even when we’re hungry).

You can even buy a replica of Fauci’s high-school basketball uniform.

Spiritual types can plunk down $20 for a Fauci prayer candle.

Prefer eBay? Listings there include a YOUNG GLOSSY (???) pic of a more youthful Fauci ($9.99) and a Fauci trading card ($99.99). If you’re so bored in isolation that you’re trading corona-cards, please, call a friend.

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