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Orange County

OCPS wants parents to register in Transportation Services portal


Public school transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring equal access to education for all students, regardless of their socio-economic background or proximity to school. By providing reliable and safe transportation services, public schools help ensure that students have the opportunity to attend school regularly and participate in extracurricular activities, contributing to their overall academic success and well-being. Furthermore, public school transportation also eases traffic congestion and reduces environmental impact by promoting the use of shared transportation resources.

Orange County Public Schools is currently looking for help from families that plan on using transportation services for the 2024-2025 school year. In order to best prepare with the most efficient routing, Transportation Services is asking for families to register their intentions with the district. Families can access their Skyward Parent Portal account today and complete the OCPS School Bus Registration Form. If families have issues accessing their Skyward account, they should reach out to their assigned school for assistance.

The form will have a dropdown to choose ridership for each child in the morning, afternoon, both, or not at all. This will allow Transportation Services to assign and balance routes across the district prior to the start of school. This registration is only for families eligible for bus service.

Even though the district has worked to fill as many positions as possible, there is still a nationwide shortage of commercial drivers, and OCPS is still being impacted. The purpose of this registration is to reduce bus delays and allow for the streamlining of routes to meet the transportation needs of our families.

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