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OCPS outdoor events cancelled during Eclipse


Eclipse 2017:

Solar Eclipse Safety Advisory for Parents

From Orange County Public Schools

As many of you know Orange County will be experiencing a rare solar eclipse Monday, August 21. Observing the sun can be dangerous to the eyes if proper precautions are not taken.

Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our students, ALL outdoor activities (physical education classes, recess, athletic practice, band practice, extended day programs, etc.) between the hours of 1:15 PM and 4:15 PM, at ALL schools, will be moved indoors. Outdoor activities can resume after 4:15 PM. The only students who will be allowed outside are those whose teachers have prepared special lessons with the appropriate protective eyewear and use proper safety procedures.

Before Monday, we ask that you speak to your child(ren) about the eclipse and the dangers of looking directly at the sun and the potential damage this can cause to their eyes. Please help us remind them that it is never safe to look directly at the sun, especially during an eclipse.

We are also asking parents to use an abundance of caution while driving during the time of the eclipse, and to be especially careful in the parent pickup area at school to avoid distracted drivers, students and pedestrians. Schools will dismiss at their regularly scheduled times on Monday. Prior to dismissal students will be reminded of proper safety procedures for their trip home.

If you want your child to view the eclipse at home, you can pick up your child after noon, or you may keep your child at home - for an excused absence. A simple note from you must be submitted for the excuse.

We will encourage teachers to use their television and computers to view the coverage of the eclipse in their classrooms.

For educational and safety information regarding the eclipse you can visit NASA's website at eclipse2017.nasa.gov.

Eclipse 2017, Orange County Public Schools