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Obvious Signs That You Have Hearing Loss


When it comes to hearing loss, there are often some obvious signs that you’re dealing with damage to your hearing. The sooner you can recognize these signs, the quicker you can get help to avoid doing any further damage to it.

To help ensure your hearing is at its best. Here are some obvious signs that you have hearing loss and how to fix it or at least minimize the damage caused.

There’s a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears

If there’s a ringing or buzzing sound within your ears, this is often a sign of hearing loss. Tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss and is something that is quite common among those who don’t have perfect hearing.

While there’s no cure for this symptom or condition, there are ways to manage it. Managing tinnitus effectively will help reduce the amount of damage done and living with the ringing or buzzing sounds that often plague your ears.

You’ve got pain in your ears

If you’ve got pain in your ears, then this could be a sign that you have an ear infection or your hearing has become compromised. For example, you might have an excessive build-up of wax that’s causing you discomfort and that you hadn’t realized was a problem until now.

Getting treatment for the removal of wax is a useful way of relieving pain but it can also be useful to see a healthcare professional in order to find out why you’re likely to be in so much discomfort. 

You’re asking people to repeat themselves

Are you asking people around you to repeat themselves? There’s a chance that if you have hearing loss, you’ve asked at least one person before to repeat a sentence or a conversation because you haven’t heard what they said.

This can be frustrating for you but also for those who are being asked to repeat themselves over and over again when talking to you.

It’s not something that you may notice to begin with but if you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves, or you’re lip-reading those around you, then this could be a sign of hearing loss.

Certain sounds have disappeared

Certain sounds might have disappeared that until recently you hadn’t realized had gone. From birds chirping in the morning outside your window, to a delivery person ringing the doorbell. These are sounds that are useful to be able to hear but might have become muffled or disappeared completely from your hearing existence.

Loved ones are making comments

Finally, a big sign of hearing loss is that your loved ones are making comments. Perhaps they’re joking about you not being able to hear them from another room. Those comments might become more frequent and perhaps more from a place of concern over time. It’s good to take these comments seriously as they may hold some truth!

These obvious signs are something to look out for, for yourself and for other loved ones who might be dealing with hearing loss to some degree.

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