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Nosferatu: The Legend of Dracula Comes to Apopka High School


Nosferatu: The Legend of DraculaNo modern-day monster can equal the chill factor than that of Dracula. This presentation of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel was adapted by frightmesiter L. Don Swartz.

We encounter Dracula's horror from his centuries-old castle in Europe, to the ship he travels on, and finally to his new feeding grounds near an English asylum. When Dracula causes the death of a young woman, her fiance, her friend and others must conquer their fears to become vampire "hunters."

Rather than a love story which asks us to sympathize with the Count, a 20th-century invention, this version remains true to Stoker's thematic core, the power of good over evil.

This weekend at Apopka High School.

For tickets contact Erin Miner at erin.miner@ocps.net. Reports indicate this play has been a hit across the country.




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