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Non-Profit businesses: Get compliant


City Council Summary: BUSINESS (Action Items)

By Misha Corbett of Apopka Then and Now


Not-for-Profit Business Tax Receipts (Mark Reggentin, Community Development Director). Currently, only for-profits are required to obtain a business tax receipt. When a business applies, they do a few checks, including: zoning is current, use has not changed (that may require upgrades to meet fire codes, etc.), a fire inspection, & business is placed on list to receive an annual inspection. So, in order to protect citizens, they will be working to notify non-profit businesses & to get everyone compliant.

Mark Reggentin

Commissioner Becker: Asked what the timeline is for compliance? (Answer: A couple of months). Confirmed that there is no cost to the non-profits. Also, pointed out in the standard letter, that wording should be changed from “he” to “business owner”.

Commissioner Bankson: If it is a home business, is there a different standard? (Answer: They would be required to get a Home Based Business License, which will not require an inspection of their home, as long as they meet criteria for a home based business).


Gregg Phillips: On behalf of Apopka Little League. Every year, in July, Apopka Little League & the City of Apopka will host the Little League Intermediate World Series Regional Tournament. The top 8 baseball teams from FL, GA, AL, TN, NC, SC, WV, & VA will come & play. The winner will go to CA for the Intermediate World Series. For the past three years that they have hosted this, Little League International has commended the city & Apopka Little League as running a top notch event. However, they need funds to host this event. Every year, the city, as well as business owners helps out. Little league help out to a certain extent. Funding is especially important this year, as the hotel that has raised the rates immensely, which may force them to house the participants in Altamonte. The FL team that won last year, went on to CA and won the World Series. This event is a good thing for the city of Apopka, giving us a lot of good press throughout the SW region. They are hopeful that business owners will step up again to fund this.

Rod Love: Comes regarding the issue of equity & fairness. Task Force met at Fran Carlton. They are citizens who volunteered their time, not a business entity. If they have to pay, they want to make sure that it is fair across the board. They want to be sure that the city is more cognizant about fairness.

Eddie Poirer: His wife was one of a number of people to die on Park Glen Circle. He has reached out for help. Since he originally did, he has learned that in his immediate area, they used crop dusters, it was a former bombing range, there were cattle dipping vats, etc.… He has reached out to a researcher at UCF who feels that it is possible there is a cross contamination of feeder pipes. He said Bryan Nelson generously stepped up & paid for his water testing.

David Hoffman: Concerned about Richard Anderson. He worked for a private lobbying firm in Tallahassee while he was supposedly lobbying for Apopka. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Anderson was paid more than many others in much higher positions. There is no credible accounting of how he has earned his keep. It is all mismanaged & citizens have reason to be concerned. Kilsheimer stated that city attorney filed litigation today. Hoffman asked if the city has a code of ethics in place. (Answer: No).



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