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New restaurant has roots in the community


Tijuana Flats comes to Apopka

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By Valynn A. Sala-Diakanda

Tijuana Flats is a locally founded company with its eye on Central Florida. Before the end of the year the restaurant hopes to have their grand opening in Eustis and one near the Millenia Mall. Naturally, residents of Apopka have been eyeing their progress. When I saw the colorful string of lights inside I knew we were getting very close to opening day. Their soft opening tickets were completely gone within 18hrs! “It’s the first time we actually did a soft opening via social media”, stated Brandy Blackwell, Sr. Marketing Manager of Tijuana Flats. It is a really exciting time for Apopka. Over 500 people will have ordered and sat-down in this new Tijuana Flats prior to opening day on October 31!

Tijuana Flats wants to bring something new to this side of the border! With an artsy indoor flavor to complement their unique hot sauces, Brandy says that people want an experience when they walk into a restaurant and she really feels that Tijuana provides that experience. Additionally, two valuable demographics of Apopka is that it is very family oriented as well as a very tight knit community. Residents want kid friendly, affordability and of course the ability to sit down to have a great meal.

Did you know that the second Tijuana to ever open was the one in Hunt Club? So Tijuana isn’t new to recognizing Apopka’s potential. This company has been seriously considering Apopka’s second location for about a year now. When a company like Tijuana Flats scouts a location, they of course look at lots of families, schools, neighborhoods, a location which makes sense for them and fits within their budget. However, many residents have commented about Tijuana already having an Apopka presence at that very location, but the corridor of Apopka alongside Orange Blossom Trail really opens the door to new areas. Brandy says, “This location will allow us to fulfill a gap that we have. We can serve residents on the other side of Apopka as well as those in Mount Dora and Leesberg. This location has the potential to draw in a completely different residential group of loyal people.

If Tijuana Flats sounds like a yummy option then you may be interested in the Founder’s other restaurants, one of which is Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen. Beyond market analysis, social media helps when considering a location. If Apopkans speak loud enough, we may open the door for Tibby’s. Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen gives the exact flavor as the name implies. Nonetheless, before we look for more, let us truly celebrate what we have. Brandy adds the fact that people really have their favorite Tijuana. Maybe Apopka might just be yours!

Check out the first week specials and if you missed the opportunity to dine during soft opening week, please comment below and you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, compliments of Tijuana Flats! But just in case the community is wondering about how they give back, have no fear. Their generosity extends into their Just in Queso Foundation. Just in case a community issue arises, they are open to listening and helping to solve the problem.

Valynn A. Sala-Diakanda is an Apopka resident with an interest in business and entrepreneurship.

Tijuana Flats


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