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New data shows historic reduction in overdose deaths in Central Florida


Project Opioid Central Florida will release a new data report detailing historic progress in the fight against the overdose crisis: a trend-breaking decline in overdose deaths in Central Florida. This encouraging report highlights the successes of strategies that Central Florida has embraced in recent years, reinforcing their continued support. Project Opioid Central Florida is also announcing the launch of “What's the Fix?”, a thought-provoking and candid social media campaign targeting those most at risk to empower and educate our younger Central Floridians.  

“In an era of bleak statistics, the numbers we are seeing in Central Florida shine like a beacon of hope. Our latest analysis shows an 11.1% and 11.5% decline in overdose deaths in Orange and Seminole counties, respectively…in one year,” says Andrae Bailey, Founder and CEO of  Project Opioid. “This historic decrease stands in stark contrast to national trends and is a  testament to the collective efforts of our community. In my view, the availability of life-saving  medications like naloxone and the engagement from a broad spectrum of community  partnerships have been instrumental in driving this change.” Said Bailey, who founded Project  Opioid in Central Florida in 2019.  

Dr. Kendall Cortelyou, National Data Advisor to Project Opioid, adds, “The data tells a clear story: something is working in Central Florida. This isn't just a statistical anomaly; it's evidence  that concerted, data-driven community action has had a significant impact.”  

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma highlights the role of an expansive network of community partnerships in achieving this milestone. “This encouraging trend in Central Florida is the outcome of a comprehensive, community-wide strategy,” says Sheriff Lemma.  

During the press conference, Project Opioid will also unveil key community recommendations based on the findings of the data report. “We've made progress, but there is much more work to do. Our recommendations will chart the course for sustainable, community-based solutions to this public health crisis,” Bailey remarks. “Encouraging data does not mean the work is done.”  

Project Opioid was founded in 2019 to address the opioid epidemic, America’s largest public health crisis to date. The organization brings together local leaders from every sector and walk of life in communities across the nation to identify and implement real solutions that actually save lives.  

For more information about Project Opioid, please visit our website: www.projectopioid.org.

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