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Most babies are as ugly as misbegotten toads!


What is it about people thinking their babies are beautiful?

Babies aren’t beautiful; they are all red and wrinkled and squiggly like they could have been painted during your uncle Salvador Dali’s weird and whacked out phase when he was on a bad heroin trip.

To reinforce and lend credence to my ugly babies conclusion, you will notice that no place in the scriptures does it say anything about beautiful babies; therefore I rest my case.

But, due to the fact that there are exceptions to every rule, I want you to consider my latest great granddaughter. Right out of the starting gate that little skeeter is a winner! 

Beautiful? I should say so! Yeah, beautiful and then some!

It is very evident that she takes after her great granddaddy - me.

Have you noticed that parents are always pulling up photos of their latest failed experiments at parenting?

But, we all come by this bit of braggadocio honestly, really.

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but your God and mine likes to brag on His kids!  Yes He does, and I can prove it.

He was talking to a visitor one day and He says to the visitor, “Have you thought of my son Job? He is perfect and blameless in all his ways!”

Yes, this bragging thing comes to us honestly. So the next time somebody comes to you and wants to tell you about their latest attempt in the parenting department, be patient; they come by it honestly!

And just so you know, with no room for doubt left in your mind, all of my grand babies, each and every one of them, are unequivocally perfect in every way.

Just saying.

Dear Holy and Gracious God, bless all of our children. Protect them and nurture them always. We love you  Papa! In Jesus’ wonderful name we ask it, Amen

Charles Towne
Charles Towne

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