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Apopka Elections 2024

Mock leads the field in city commission election fundraising

But totals are low for all four candidates, and self-funded donations lead the way


In many ways, fundraising in a municipal election is the lifeblood of a campaign. It's difficult for a candidate to get their message to the voters if they don't have enough money in their accounts to get the word out.

It's also often a good indicator of success on election day.

In multiple studies about municipal elections from 2000-2020, the candidate who raised the most money won between 76%-92% of the elections for that year. In the 2022 Apopka municipal elections, all three candidates (mayoral and both city commission races) who raised the most money won their races.

But how does that play out if the candidates are primarily self-funded?

In the 2024 Apopka Municipal elections, there are four candidates running for two seats on the city commission - Nadia Anderson vs. Darryl Richardson for Seat #3 and Eric Mock vs. Commissioner Nick Nesta for Seat #4. Earlier last week, Ryan Tucker withdrew from the Seat #3 election.

According to the most current fundraising reports, which covered October 1st through December 31st, the four remaining candidates have raised only $18,925.07, but $12,350 has been from the candidates themselves - over 65% of the total.

In contrast, the 2022 municipal elections, which also had four candidates running for two city commission seats (#2 and #3), raised $26,586.76 by February 2022.

Mock leads the pack in fundraising with $9,275.07, including $3,000 he donated to his campaign. He also has 24 donors who have given him $6,275.07.

Mock has spent $3,072.26, which leaves him with a $6,202.81 balance as of December 31st.

Anderson raised $5,100, which includes a $5,000 donation to her campaign. One donor gave her $100. 

Anderson spent $1,439.07 on the 2024 election, which leaves her with $3,660.93 in her campaign account.

Richardson raised $2,550, including loans to himself that equal $2,350. He also received one donation of $200. Richardson spent $2,246 on his campaign, which leaves him with $304 in his account.

Nesta, who entered the race in December, raised $2,000, including his initial donation of $1,000. He received one donation of $1,000. He has spent $925.90 on his campaign, which leaves his balance at $1,074.10.

Election Day in Apopka is March 19th. That's still 64 days away. You can certainly expect more robust fundraising before the votes are counted, but an interesting trend is developing. Will more self-financing candidates be the rule in the future of Apopka politics?

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