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Ministerial Alliances resurrecting Gospel Fest


The Apopka Family Faith Food Festival slated for January 7th

Two weeks ago, the Gospel Fest was unable to gain traction by the City Council. The November 12th date concerned the commissioners and they believed the event would be too rushed.

"I really am troubled by moving forward so fast on this,” said Commissioner Doug Bankson. “I think it’s far too short a time to put on a successful event. I think we’re throwing money away to rush it. Maybe we could back-off and re-configure this event. I have great concerns about it.”

The City had planned to spend $60,000 on the event.

“November 11th is Veteran’s Day and there are usually so many events going on around the city to celebrate our veterans,” said Commissioner Diane Velazquez. “So you’re talking about the very next day having the confidence that the public will come out for Gospel Fest?”

“I just haven’t heard a compelling argument here today that’s going to lead me to believe that this thing is going to be a huge success,” said Commissioner Kyle Becker.

Hezekiah Bradford announces his alternative to Gospel Fest.

So when Mayor Joe Kilsheimer called for a vote, he was unable to garner enough support to gain a motion. The Gospel Fest died at the October 5th meeting without a vote.

But two weeks later, The Apopka Christian Ministerial Alliance and The South Apopka Ministerial Alliance has resurrected the idea under a new name - The Apopka Family Faith Food Festival.

According to Hezekiah Bradford, President of both Alliances, the two groups applied for a permit for the Festival on Wednesday afternoon for the event scheduled to he held on January 7th, 2017.

"I was out of town, but when I got back I heard the Mayor (Kilsheimer) was trying to have the Gospel Fest without the help of the Ministerial Alliances. I got a chance to review the City Council meeting, and then I got a call from Commissioner Bryan Nelson. The two Alliances got together and after one meeting decided to sponsor the event. We believe as a faith based community, we can work with anyone. And what's really good is that we are doing it without any taxpayer dollars."

Commissioner Billie Dean was pleased that the churches were taking on the Festival.

"I would like to commend Reverend Bradford on his presentation for Gospel Fest and for stepping forward and having it cost the City no money."

"This is not a city project," said Bradford. "It should be a community project... and let me take it a little further... I think the government should be run by the people and not vice versa. I think you should involve people into the program."





Apopka Family Faith Food Festival, Gospel Fest


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