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Ministerial Alliance President endorses Bankson



Doug Bankson Doug Bankson

Pastor Hezekiah Bradford, President of the Apopka Ministerial Alliance and The South Apopka Ministerial Alliance, has endorsed Pastor Doug Bankson in his run for City Commissioner Seat #3 against incumbent Commissioner Sam Ruth and challenger Alice Nolan. His endorsement is as an individual, not on behalf of either Alliance or as a pastor.

“I think Doug has the moral values that speaks to who I am,” he said. “And morals are the thing people look at first. I feel confident in my belief system that Doug is that person.”

Despite Bankson’s resistance to the Single Member District initiative that Bradford is strongly in favor of, he sees Bankson as a person who listens even if he holds differing viewpoints.

“Single Member Districts are only one issue. Everyone running has issues I disagree with. I disagree with my wife on some issues,” he said. “But Doug is a person I can talk to and be heard. He would be willing to sit down at the table, listen and negotiate.”

Bradford went on to contrast Bankson to current incumbent and Seat #3 opponent Ruth.

“He’s never shared what his platform would be, because he has never called me or any member of the South Apopka Ministerial Alliance,” he said. “Every other candidate has met with or at least reached out to us, but not Sam Ruth. I’ve never seen him on the south side unless someone invited him. If he spent a day on the south side, no one would even know who he was.”

Bankson was appreciative of Bradford’s endorsement.

"I am pleased and humbled to have his endorsement as a longtime minister and resident of the area and someone who genuinely cares for the community he serves."


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