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Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight confirmed


By Nathalie Simon

The eagerly awaited fight between Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones, 51, will take place on November 28, 2020 at the Staples Centre. However, there will be no fans due to restrictions on gatherings because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This will be the first event since March to take place at the Los Angeles arena. The original exhibition match between these two legends was scheduled to take place in Carson, California on September 12, before being postponed for two months. In addition to fighting for bragging rights, a special WBC Frontline Battle Belt has been created for the winner. While Jones was last in the ring in 2018, Tyson's last professional match was in 2005.

About the fight

The exhibition match will last eight rounds of two minutes each as a safety precaution. However, the two men are not happy and were in favor of the three minute round reserved for men. They are upset because the two minute rounds are reserved for women boxers. Both boxers have been advised to take it easy on each other given their age and lack of action for such a long time.

This match will not count as an official match. Despite it being an exhibition, the two professional boxers say they are taking this match seriously, especially with a belt on the line. The fight will be the first of Mike Tyson's Legends Only League. While both are in their 50's, the record for the oldest boxer to take part in a professional boxing match stands with Steve Ward who took to the ring at aged 60. In addition to this fight, there will also be three other bouts involving Nate Robinson, an NBA guard, against the popular YouTube star Jake Paul. Badou Jake will face off with Blake McKernan, while Vidal Riley will square it out with Randy Coulter. As you wait on this fight, you can try your luck on a trusted, safe and secure casino that has it all, such as getluckycasino.com.

About Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson's last match in 2005 saw him lose to Kevin McBride. He was regarded as one of the greatest boxers during his peak years. He won his first 19 fights consecutively through knockouts to break the record set by Rocky Marciano. Tyson won the heavyweight title aged 20, to become the youngest champion in history. Jones claims that these achievements by Mike Tyson, during his heydays, are what made him come out of retirement and face a legend he always fancied facing.

What are the odds

These two great boxers have never faced each other. All fans can now depend on when predicting the likely winner of the match is by watching replays of how they performed during their yesteryears. In the matches that Mike Tyson took part in, he was always the favorite, except when he faced Lennox Lewis. However, he has not been to the ring in 15 years, while Jones' last match in 2018 saw him emerge victoriously. This means that Jones will be in a better shape, and his comparatively younger age should work to his advantage.

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