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Meet SMS Events & Design - Apopka's Top Wedding Planners 


SMS Events specializes in Day of Coordinating services for any event you can think of: Weddings, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Corporate, Political – literally any type of event! 

To give a little background about our company, SMS Events started back in 2018 when our fierce leader, Michelle, was presented with the opportunity to coordinate a wedding, but little did she know she was sold as the best wedding coordinator in the Central Florida area! Although that is quite the title to live up to, her couple absolutely adored her and she pulled off a flawless event.

How did she do it you ask?

She utilized her project management skills and practices learned from her previous project management position and applied them to the event industry, specifically as it related to navigating changes, which events & weddings alike tend to be filled with! Planning an event can be stressful, especially when it comes to the event day. We've paired our corporate-forged managerial skills with proven project management and planning strategies to coordinate the shit out of your event. 

SMS Owner Michelle Sanabria and Operations Manager Caleigh Hoyne
SMS Owner Michelle Sanabria and Operations Manager Caleigh Hoyne

SMS has now taken on a whole new force of its own as our company just surpassed completing 200 events in 2022 with a team of 20 Lead Coordinators & Assistants. Our team prides itself on being able to routinely execute flawless events because of our project management practices instilled within the training of our team.  

One thing we love about SMS is that we are a diversified group that encourages the quirkiness and uniqueness of our couples. The weirder the better. Sometimes, when you look at other planners or wedding industry professionals' websites or marketing, everything is so perfect, like a dream. The bride is always laughing and there's magic in the air; however, that is far from the reality of weddings or events. The reality is - they are absolutely chaotic. There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of different personalities that you have to juggle on the day-of in order to execute a great event. We like to stay rooted in the reality that events are crazy, but we thrive in the chaos.

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