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Mayor Appoints CONA Bylaw Committee


The third meeting of the Apopka Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA), was held at the Fran Carlton Center on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. Approximately 30 people attended. There were 15 Home Owner Associations (HOAs), represented. After a discussion about the CONA formation process, Mayor Joe Kilsheimer appointed officers from five different HOAs to the CONA bylaw committee.

Those appointed to the committee members were:

  • Eric Coleman, Vice President, Country Crossing at Spring Ridge
  • Michael A. Briggs, President, Clear Lake Estates
  • Dale Fenwick, President, Lake Francis Association
  • Jerry W. Jones, President, Plymouth Landing HOA
  • Michael Wilkins, President, Country Landing HOA

Eric Coleman was appointed to be the chair of the committee.

In addition, Kyle Becker was asked to be the facilitator for the committee.

The committee's task is to draft bylaws and prepare a budget, both will be presented at a CONA meeting in the near future.

There are several successful CONAs already in Florida, including;

Council of Neighborhood Associations of South Pinellas County

Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations

Council of Neighborhood Associations of Tallahassee/Leon County

During the meeting Mayor Kilsheimer described the purpose in forming the Apopka CONA, which is to allow HOAs to more easily trade information and more effectively communicate with the City of Apopka. The Mayor went onto state that the CONA will not be a part of the City government. It will be independent, self supporting and self sustaining.

The next CONA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th at the Fran Carlton center at 6:00 PM. There will be representatives from the Apopka Police and Fire Departments, Code Enforcement, and Public Works in attendance to address any questions from or issues facing the HOAs.

The following issues were raised during the February CONA meeting:

  • Solicitors
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Squatters (people living illegally in homes they do not own)
  • “Boarding Houses” (multiple families living in single-family houses)
  • Dogs
  • Parking Ordinance Enforcement
  • Retaliation for Parking Complaints
  • Mosquito Control

Representatives of all Apopka HOAs are encouraged to attend.



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