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Local Icon Endorses Commissioner Ruth in Seat #3 Election


She is an institution in Apopka. You name a board, committee, group or cause and she has probably been a part of it at one time or another. She is outspoken and knowledgeable when it comes to Apopka. Her views are well-respected and well researched. It is not surprising she has opinions on the Seat#3 and #4 City Commission elections and the current City Administration.

Sam Ruth Sam Ruth

Joyce Brocker today officially announced her endorsement of Commissioner Sam Ruth in the Seat#3 race against Doug Bankson and Alice Nolan.

"I know him," she said. "I know what kind of person he is and I know he loves Apopka and always has what's best for Apopka in mind."

She also knows his opponent Bankson, but not as well.

"He (Bankson) and I have had our talk. People I know like him. But he's running against a person I know well.

Brocker does not have an endorsement in Seat#4, but did offer some candid thoughts.

"I sincerely believe in term limits," she said. "Who needs to make a lifetime out of elected office? Politics is a blood sport, why would you want to be battered like that unless you are benefiting from the office?"

Joyce Brocker Joyce Brocker

Despite the endorsement of Commissioner Ruth, Brocker does take issue with Mayor Joe Kilsheimer on the Town Center project and on transparency.

"I don't like some things that happened under Kilsheimer," she said. "They promised to be transparent, and I have not seen it yet."

Her criticism of the Town Center project begins with the purchase by the Mayor Land administration, and continues with Kilsheimer.

"Why would you spend 17 million dollars on a property when you are dependent on decisions to be made by the FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation)?" Brocker asked. "Then he (Mayor Kilsheimer) rushed into the Town Center deal with little or no notice? It's taking a bad decision and compounding it."





Commissioner Sam Ruth, Joyce Brocker, Mayor Joe Kilsheimer


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