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International Workers’ Day

Local communities come together for worker and immigrant rights Rally for Reform

Rally for Reform Sunday May 1st


The Farmworker Association of Florida, UNITE HERE 362, Hope CommUnity Center, Mi Familia Vota, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Florida Rising, and Florida Legal Services are holding a Rally for Reform on Sunday, May 1st in recognition of International Workers’ Day to demand justice for immigrants and for working people in our state and the nation.

The issues of greatest importance – affordable housing, health care, voting rights, the economy, gender equality, inclusion and equity – are not being addressed in an equitable manner by those who are supposed to represent us.  Our communities are being attacked both physically and by anti-immigrant rhetoric. The last two years of the pandemic have shown that immigrants are essential workers, that they contribute to society in many ways, and that they need the protections of legal status. Workers and families who struggle every day and who are the backbone of our society and our economy are seeing their rights eroded. 

The Rally for Reform is in solidarity with actions, rallies and marches scheduled for that day all around the country for International Workers’ Day. We will be coming together in support of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform package from our U.S. Congress, for the protection of our voting rights, for safe and affordable housing, for climate and environmental justice, for LGBTQ rights, and for an economy built on health and equity and justice for all.

In addition, it is time for immigrants to be recognized for all their contributions to society and to be treated with dignity and respect. We are demanding a pathway to citizenship and family reunification. We are demanding a safe and healthy environment free of discriminatory laws and practices that put the most vulnerable at greatest risk. We are raising our voices in unity and solidarity. We will be heard. 

“Immigration status would bring down so many of the barriers that immigrants and essential workers face every day in their ability to advocate for themselves. It is also a path to dignity and respect for their contributions to society.”--Neza Xiuhtecutli, General Coordinator, Farmworker Association of Florida. 

“On this International Workers Day, we stand in solidarity with immigrants and workers who are fighting for respect and dignity. We honor the contributions of those who fight to create a more just society for all. UNITE HERE! is a Union that has been built by immigrants since its inception, and the work of our immigrant members, is more vital than ever,” Eric Clinton, President, UNITE HERE! Local 362.

“Incredible,” said, Soraya Marquez, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, “we have already been waiting for Immigration Reform for two generations!”

“On the International Day of the Workers, HOPE Community Center stands with all workers and has a special concern for undocumented workers and essential workers. We fight for good working conditions, just salaries and healthy safe working conditions,” said Sr. Ann Kendrick co-founder of Hope CommUnity Center. 

“Climate change is a root cause of migration,” said Pedmarlin, Climate Justice Organizer of the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

"The immigration community is strong and resilient, but immigration reform is needed to build better communities. And we must remember the voices of all immigrants including the Haitian community must be heard for the community to move forward together; L'Union Fait La Force,” said Anne Piervil, Equal Justice Works Fellow, Florida Legal Services. 

“The importance of May Day has lost its zeal over the years. As a member of Florida Rising, I’ve gained a deeper respect and understanding of WHY I should be an ally for international workers and how what they’ve contributed to society…I now benefit from. We should all stand in solidarity not just for essential workers, but for our international brothers and sisters as well!” -Reenie Mcharg, Central Florida Member, Florida Rising.

The Rally begins at 2pm on Sunday, May 1st at the Amphitheater Bandshell at Lake Eola and will include a program highlighting local leaders in the community, and will include performance art, music, and personal testimonies, which will be followed by a march around Lake Eola. 

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More information about the organizations can be found at: Farmworker Association of Florida - www.floridafarmworkers.org

Organizations and individuals endorsing the event: Baker Interfaith Friends; Orange County Classroom Teachers Association; CLEO Institute; Contigo Fund; Farmworker Self-Help; Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy; For Our Future Florida; La Que Buena radio 1240am 107.1fm; Mercado Health Consultants; Passionate Heart Ministries; PODER Latinx; QLatinx; Sierra Club Florida; Viviam Sifontes.

International Workers’ Day, Baker Interfaith Friends, Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, CLEO Institute, Contigo Fund, Farmworker Self-Help, Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, For Our Future Florida, La Que Buena radio 1240am 107.1fm, Mercado Health Consultants, Passionate Heart Ministries, PODER Latinx, QLatinx, Sierra Club Florida, Viviam Sifontes


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