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Learn how to write an academic essay easily!


How to write an academic essay

Writing an academic essay might be nerve-wracking if you have never faced the challenge of writing one before, or when you haven’t written a paper in a long time.

Fortunately, you can forget about the headaches this problem can cause you by following the instructions listed below. Take our helping hand and learn how to write an academic essay without going through needless stress or anxiety.

Choose a gem of a topic

The first thing you need to do before you sit down and start writing your academic essay is to arm yourself with an attractive topic and a unique thesis statement. Note that your statement should simply be a concise sentence or two of the main idea of your paper. Sometimes instructors who have assigned you the task may also give you a precise topic you need to work on.

Do research

Once you have the topic for your academic essay, start digging for the matching information from reliable sources to support your argument. You can use various academic journals, legislative or government websites, newspapers, or some articles from trustworthy websites written by professionals with credentials and expertise in the topic you are about to cover.

Avoid getting the information you need from Wikipedia, as anyone can change the info they offer. Still, you can use the sourced links listed on any Wikipedia page.

When you provide the fitting information including significant dates, names, and numbers, you are ready to put your ideas and knowledge on a piece of paper or a word document. Don’t forget to save the sources that you have used to provide the data because you will need to list those as references at the end of your paper.

Write a great academic essay

Once you have collected all the info through research, it is time to wrap it up nicely. Use Essay Company’s instructions and visualize the look of your paper. Your goal is to create a five-paragraph essay that will start with an engaging introductory paragraph, continue with the main body with 3 paragraphs presenting arguments and information, and an interesting last section with a concluding paragraph.

In case you need a sizable essay that will have more than 5 paragraphs, remember that you still need to begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion.


As soon as you have outlined your text, flesh out the content and begin writing your academic essay with an excellent introduction. This section ought to point out your thesis statement and general text that will explain your thesis statement. These sentences may include some extra background information that will support your argument, the perspective in which you have approached your thesis analysis, and the way your essay is structured.

Main body

The main body paragraphs of the academic essay are where you present your ideas and description. Each of these paragraphs must start with a great introductory statement that will let the audience understand the idea for that specific paragraph. You can use some statistics, facts, or studies, but each of your paragraphs shouldn’t be longer than 3–5 sentences. This is the part where research comes into play; the research you’ve previously conducted.

When it comes to the main part of your paper, remember that each of the paragraphs needs to focus on a different idea. Create an attractive heart of your paper and arrange your ideas in the sections chronologically. You can also organize them from least significant to the most important. No matter which way you will choose, pay attention to the paragraph flow between every two paragraphs to deliver a cohesive essay. So, the last sentence of the sections should provide a soft transition towards the next paragraph.


Once you have written your body paragraphs, focus on writing your conclusion. It is the last section of your essay, and here you need to restate your thesis statement and summarize the ideas that back up your thesis.

If you used other sources for your academic essay, you must write a bibliography at the end of your essay. Bibliography includes the title of the article or the URL of the website, the author’s name, as well as the date when the source was published. That’s supposed to be super easy as you will use the notes you have taken while you were doing your research. The style that you will use to present the references is almost always provided by the teacher.

To sum up

Creating an academic essay can be an enjoyable task if you get all your ducks in a row first.

Once you learn the structure of the academic paper and accept that doing deep research is a must, you will fall in love with writing this type of essay. So, stop wasting time and start the in-depth information digging for the needs of your upcoming paper.

Create an academic essay that will make readers enjoy spending time reading it, and get a glimpse of just how well-spoken you are.

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